Dad has Stage IV NSCLC-Tarceva First Line Treatment-Advice?

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Hi Everyone,
I am new here. My dad (59 years young) was diagnosed in April with non-small cell adenocarcinoma. He has the EGFR mutation (exon 19 deletion) and he is being treated with Tarceva and Zometa. He has mets in his spine, directly behind where the primary tumor is. He has been on the Tarceva 2 months and the change is remarkable. Like the other stories I read on here his diagnosis was bounced around because he was a never smoker-everything from bronchitis, to pneumonitis to amiodarone lung toxicity. Anyway he was in bad shape, couldn't catch his breath, lost a fair amount of weight. Since being on Tarceva the change is remarkable, he got his voice back, he is back out working in the yard, the cough is gone. Apart from the rash and stomach upset he is doing really well physically, but I worry about him emotionally. For all of you with cancer what can I do to make him understand that no matter what it is going to be ok? We will always have options and fight with all we have. He gets so upset so easily, because it is always something. What helps you most through the hardest times? It is hard for me too, it is all I think about, I just want him to know it is going to be ok, just like he always did for me growing up. I will pray for all of you every night.
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    I am not sure about the
    I am not sure about the medication stuff but trying to tell someone that it will be okay, that is one the the hardest things. I lost my mom May 19th to NSCLC. She was only 54. Throughout her fight my main thing was trying to let her know it would be okay. She would be okay no matter what. I am not sure where you are at with your dad as far as prognosis but with mom, I knew things were not good. Death isn't a "fun" topic but I tried to let mom know that even with that as the outcome, it would be okay. I believe in God and talked to her about heaven. Even though I was saying everything would be alright, it scared me so much and I know the unknown of dying and the process of dying and all those things tied into that was so scary for us all.

    I think the only thing you can do no matter what the prognosis is is to just be there. Talk, enjoy the time you have now. Try and live it where you or him will have not regrets.

    Take care and I am available to talk if you need to. I think talking about this is the only way I can learn to cope.