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Has anyone been to the Cancer Treatment Centers of America?

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I just learned that my insurance will pay for me to seek treatment at the center in Tulsa, OK. Anyone been there or know someone who has?



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Hi Carla, They may be ok...don't know. I looked into them for a friend with stage 4 lung cancer and they said all the right things, but it seemed too...slick to me. M.D. Anderson sent him home with Hospice, but CSA didn't seem to mind that as long as we could get him there and his insurance was in place. I would hate to steer you away from them since I really don't have any first hand experience with them. Maybe some of the other ladies knows them better and can direct you. Good luck! best, debrajo

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I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer April 7, 2012
My insurance approved me for treatment at CTCA, Zion, IL (north of Chicago)
I have had my surgery and now chemotherapy treatments there - everything.
We continue to be impressed by the many comments overheard from others who
are now at CTCA after disappointing treatment elsewhere; repeatedly we hear
other patients and family members state, "this is the place to be."
My experience thus far has been excellent. I highly recommend CTCA centers.
Before making a commitment to choose CTCA for treatment, you should go for
the evaluation process when you can learn all you need to know about how they
would approach your treatment, meet with your oncologist and care team, etc.
Visit and experience what CTCA offers first hand to see if it is a fit for you.

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anything about CTCA except from TV commercials. The other day I was talking to my cousin about my upcoming treatment and she asked if I ever thought of going to CTCA? I said I have Kaiser so I have no insurance to go there. I was a little taken aback by her statement because as I told her I have complete faith in my doctors; so far anyway. She said it sounds so good from what she has heard on TV and I said that's all you know about it. Any medical care facility is going to put their best foot forward on a commercial and that goes for Kaiser as well. That is not to say CTCA is not everything it claims to be.

All of us women are cared for by many different doctors and hopefully receive the best treatment possible. If we feel it is warranted we can ask for second opinions or if possible seek treatment elsewhere.

Most importantly we have to trust the people that have our lives in their hands.

My very best to you, Carla.


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Thanks Karen,

My insurance will not pay for me to go there, so I will probably go to M.D. Anderson.

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You joined CSN when this was posted, only to post in support of CTCA. I know that people/organizations track postings. In any event,3 months post-dx does not tell of their care.

I have heard many mixed reports about CTCA. My own experience was when I called them (as encouraged in their ads) they would not respond to questions without my committing to seeing them. I've also heard from several sources that if you go to them, they will not work with your local resources - all care must come through them. I question the integrity of that.

My drs at Memorial Sloan Kettering were happy to work with my local drs to facilitate my care. There was no "total ownership" of my treatment; my team was comprised of MSK drs as well as a local oncologist and local surgeon. Thus, I was able to have portions of my treatment at my home medical center, only going to MSK for the specialized surgeries and treatments that I couldn't get at home.

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What stage and grade were you treated for?

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I haven't heard much about them. I would think if they were "miracle workers" they would be all over this board.

So far, my local oncology team (rad. onc.; med. onc; gyn/onc; neursurgeon etc.) hasn't let me down.

Cherie, I must admit that I was skeptical of your intentions, but I did some googling. My heart goes out to you and your family. We all know first hand how devastating this diagnosis is. The most difficult part for me was balancing the need to curl into a ball and cry (which is necessary sometimes) without EVER losing hope or a positive attitude! It looks like you have a wonderful supportive family, come here anytime you have questions or just want to vent without raining on their parade.

Please feel free to read my profile to see my story!



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You absolutely amaze me. You are so strong. Were you the one who let us know Carlene is okay? I really miss her, and have been concerned about her.


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Yes, Carlene is still posting on Facebook and on June 30th, she drove her son's truck! I'm assuming she's just enjoying life with her kids and grandkids this summer.

:) Hugs to all!


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