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HPV Question

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A friend asked me the other day and I should have known the answer but wasn't sure....She has a 20yr old daughter never had the HPV vaccine. Daughter has recently become sexually active. Although the vaccine is recommended before sexual activity begins, is it still available/effective if given afterwards??? She is checking with doc., but just wondering myself what is "the word on the street." Thanks

Dog Girl
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My understanding is it is not so much the age, but the number of partners one has had.
I think the feeling is if you have had multiple partners, the chances are good that you have been exposed/have HPV already. If your friend's daughter has just recently become sexually active, she can still probably benefit from the vaccine. Of course her doctor will have the latest/best advice more than likely.

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My understanding is if you have sex with someone who has had multiple partners you just slept with everyone he slept with. Yuck!

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Yes, If you are a virgin and have sex with someone who has many partners (rock star?)
You more than likely just contracted one of the MANY types of Hpv.
That is what a physicians assistant told me. Just saying.

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My daughter was sexually active (only with one person) but the doctor still gave her the vaccine and said it would be effective.

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great!!! she did the right thing getting the vaccine. this is such a horrific type of cancer that if it helps her in any way at all of not getting this, it will be so wonderful. i think that it is worth it!!!! sephie

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