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Hello everyone,

I am new to all of you, but you are not new to me. I have been reading posts here for the last several months. Some of you may remember my daughter ALex who posted a bit back in the fall of 2011. I think what raised the ire of many on this site PTom is that you mentioned that the doctors told you , you would be horribly disfigured, if you had the BIg surgery. This is an overstatement, and who cares about that. It should not even be an issue and the fact that you mentioned it at all seems , well trivial, in the face of this overwhelming battle, we all face, including you , against this horrendous cancer.
Long story short, I was originally diagnosed with kidney cancer in April of 2011 and was just about to have my kidney removed when I felt something else not right. My Gp sent me for a scope and low and behold there was the esophageal cancer. T3N1M0. Off to surgery I went Aug 5th 2011. Not a walk in the park, but to me the chemo radiation regime which I started Sept 27th was just as bad. I can eat almost everything, but not too much of anything which is fine with me. I have no regrets having the surgery whatever the outcome, but I do understand it is a very personal decision.
This site though, has been a refuge for me, I read it every day and would like to thank everyone for their support. I am now at the point where I am suffering from scanxiety as I am going to see my kidney doc next week. They will scan to see if the esophageal cancer has come back, if it has there will be no need to do the kidney surgery. From what I can tell, after months of reading is that it really is the luck of the draw whether this cancer returns or not. We all pray, we all stay as positive as we can, we do everything under the sun to stay in remission, and we are all scared. I wish PTom nothing but the best, and peace with your decision. I for one though do not regret having the surgery.

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Well said. Good luck on your scan!! BMGky

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Daily Strength is also an excellent forum from which to gather support and information about EC.

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Thank you William for your extensive knowledge. You certainly know your stuff.

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You are a trooper and we will be thinking about you with yourscan.

Take care


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Praying your scan will be clear,so you can take care of the kidney. You're right,we never know if the beast will rare his ugly head.My diagnoses was the same as yours and after 4 1/2 years, I'm still testing clean.I will be having a scan in two weeks. My doctor ordered it a month early. I thought he had made a mistake, but when I questioned it they said that's what he wanted.I can't help but wonder why. I always have a little scaniety until I get the results. I beleive this is natural when we've been through the battle.

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I won't go into great detail but I'm in the same boat as you. I had my left kidney removed 4 weeks ago and need to have my right operated on in a few weeks, To top it off they have now found EC. I don't know what I'm going to do yet as far as surgery but I'm thinking about doing the endo surgery just so I can finish my kidney surgery. If I do the endo this year can I do the big surgery next year or wait for it to recur and then do the big one?
Sorry for being so vague I just found I had EC yesterday.


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