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whole abdomen radiation

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I am an endometrial cancer patient, stage 3. I just had a consult with a radiation oncologist in Boston at Mass General. He recommended that I have whole abdomen radiation following my chemotherapy (carboplatin and taxol). Has anyone had whole abdomen radiation or have any information about it? Can you tell me what your experience was as regards side effects?

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I had pelvic radiation following 3 rounds of carbo/taxol. I think I had about 28 treatments or so. I had 9 areas (side, front, back that was beamed twice during each session. Except for some diarhea, I can't say I noticed much in the way of side effects. It was just the task of having to do it daily. Although, I did develop a yeast infection and that was uncomfortable. I took medication, used a sitz bath and found a & d ointment to help with the irritation.

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I was petrified of radiation for Grade 3 UPSC. I'd only heard horror stories. I interrogated the radiation oncologist for 45 minutes during our initial consult and he was so fabulous about answering all my questions that I felt incredibly reassured.

I had 25 external treatments consisting of zaps to the front, back, and each side. I never developed any skin irritation, and did get diarrhea which was well controlled with meds. I did get fatigued but overall it was not a negative experience by any stretch of the imagination.

Good luck!

Liz in Dallas

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Its unusual that he would suggest abdominal instead of just pelvic. Its my understanding that there are many more side effects associated with abdominal which is why most of us just get pelvic radiation. I recall my radiologist telling me that abdominal covers a larger area but they prefer to target a more specific area (ie vaginal cuff) when radiation is just being used as a preventative. I would definitely question why he wants to go that route.

I can't answer what specific side effects are associated with abdominal radiation, but with pelvic radiation, you can have bladder and bowel problems. As of today, I have had neither and is been approximately six months since I've had radiation.

Take care,

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I didn't have whole abdominal radiation, but it was close. I had extended field radiation that included my entire pelvis and extended to my para-aortic region just beneath my stomach. I have had minimal side effects since completing radiation in April of 2009 aside from the immediate effects of diarrhea and irritation. I have more problems from the internal HD radiation with vaginal dryness and stenosis. I hope this info helps with your decision.


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