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Does anyone know what to do?

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My father was diagnosed with colon cancer approximately 2 years ago, but now it has spread to his liver and lungs. Today he was told that a part of his treatment (Avemar, i think) was not working. He has been on chemotherapy the whole time, and also had radiation therapy once. What else is there? I dont know much, but i will research.

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Sorry to hear about your dad.
As far as what to do, there are a lot of things like what type of cancer? What stage? Where are you? There is a list put out by US News and World Report that lists the top cancer centers in the country.
People can get into all kinds of discussions about the ranking, but bottom line is, it's a good guide. Fidn the best hopsital in your area, find out who the Chief of Oncology/Hematology is and try to get in to see them.
If you are in So CAL go to UCLA. I see Dr. Arun SIngh and my surgeon was Dr. Frederick Eilber. If you are in NYC go to Sloan Kettering and ask for a Dr. Willaim Tap, he is chief of Oncology there. Thsoe are the only 2 areas i know personally.
Hope this helps and will keep you and your dad in prayers.


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