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psa now less than 0.01 was 110

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2009 diagnosed with prostrate cancer and a psa 110.The doctor said it was aggressive and out of the prostrate.Two different doctors refused to do surgery and said radiation was the only option.I took a hormone shot and was to wait 90 days for the radiation treatments.In the meantime I was told by a friends urologist that the prostrate needed to be removed as if I radiaton and cancer returned there would not be many options for treatment left.After MRI and catscans were negative except for showing a hump on the prostrate.I was refered to Dr.Seth Lerner at Baylor Clinic in Houston and in Aug.2009 he perfomed surgery and said if it was in the lymph nodes he would have to sew me back up but it was not and he removed the prostrate.My psa after surgery was 0.After about a year my psa had steadily risen to .06 and was told I would need salvage radiaton as there was still cancer cells left in the prostrate bed.In June 2011 I started 35 radiation treatments with no side effects at all.In August my psa was .03 after radiation.checked in Feb.2012 was less than 0.01 and again in May 2012 less than 0.01.Now I am doing fine with no side effects and feel fine.I am writing this because it seems nearly every case with prostrate cancer is different.AS I know people whose psa was less than ten have died.I really beleive friends and churches prayers have got me this far.

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Congratulations on the successful results.
You are right, not every case is equal but similar and what works in some do not do well in others. The importance is to follow what one believes to be the best for his case.

In your shared information there is no comment on the Gleason score or pathological stage after surgery. The bump in DRE (initial diagnosis) may have been an earlier flag for the recurrence which made the initial doctors to suggest radiation therapy.
At the end, it seems that the radicals (RP plus RT) cough the bandit in time and you can enjoy now a continuous cancer-free recovery. What about the side effects, can you share your experiences and symptoms?

Welcome to the board.

Wishing you continuous successful Zero PSA.


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At time of biopsy my gleason score was 9 and was told it was agressive carsnoma.The doctor had me have a bone scan which was negative.I was also given a bone scan befoe radiation which was also negative.Far as side efects from surgery or radiation,I have had none.After surgery Ihad basicaly no pain and never took any pain pills.I guess one side effect would be I have not been able to have sex since.As far as the pathology report all the doctor told me was it was fine except he took one quarter of the bladder where normally he only remvoes one eight of inch.He said that removal of the bladder showed cancer cells in it but he thoght the cancer was all removed and Ihave had no trouble with my bladder.Another thing to add to this im 2000 I had blood work done and the doctor said my psa was 9 then but all he said was it was probally a infection and take antibiotic pills for 30 days.He did not tell me it could cancer or to even come back.At the time I did not think I could ever get sick,boy did learn a lesson.

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