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pcp put Tom in our local hospital, dehyrdration

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As you all know, he isn't an easy patient. Nothing I say registers. Well, maybe that will change. I told him you need to eat more and drink more liquids..yeah yeah was what I got. Also told him to make an appt with our pcp to handle things here not cancer related..well he did...and he put him in the hospital with low blood pressure, dehydration, they go hand in hand. So perhaps this is the push he needs. He sure won't listen to a thing I say even though I haven't been wrong yet. Told him, you can eat you just arent' and if you need a feeding tube check into Med Inn cause I won't do it. He can chew, swallow just fine. Cancer has spread as of last ct...not another until September. His blood pressure might be low but he raises mine for sure.

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i can't imagine how hard this would be if my husband was a poor patient too.
best of luck to you.

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I am sorry to hear that things are not going well for Tom. When I was having chemo my blood pressure was very low and of course I was always dehydrated. But you are right, Tom needs to eat and drink by the clock not based on when he is hungry or thirsty. Maybe his PCP can have a serious conversation with him about the need to take care of himself.

I hope things improve when he gets out of the hospital.

Best Regards,

Paul Adams
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Don took your advice right off the bat and has been eating by clock. If you remember, he lost 10 pounds in the first four days after coming home from surgery. Since then, he eats about one cup of food every two hours and drinks gatorade, ice tea, water and flavored water in between meals to stay hydrated. We will be forever grateful for your advice and the advice of everyone on this site. I am so glad that Don has been such a star survivor - it makes our lives so much easier.


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I'm 68, had the Ivor Lewis two years ago, and have lost 40 pounds. Unfortunately for me, I was a size 4 at the time of the surgery and I'm now a size 0. I live alone and have done a pretty poor job of dramatically changing my lifestyle. I was hospitalized for five days last week for dehydration, malnutrition, and dumping episodes which generated a 911 call. Pretty embarrassing, given that I knew it was "just fainting". What I really need is what you're providing your partner! I've thought often how much less difficult it'd be if there was another person helping me in my daily battle to eat & drink. I lost all semblance of an
appetite two years ago, so eating is a burden. If I were to get sick with anything at this point, I have zero reserves.

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