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Cyber Knife robotic therapy

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Has anyone experienced the cyber-knife robotic radiation?
I have GBM 4 and I was taking Avastin and Temodar. Despite the treatments, my tumor continued to grow. It has doubled in size of a small marble to a large marble. So all treatments have been stopped. I am not able to have another surgery due to complications that I had with the first resection.

The only option left is the cyber-knife radiation. I started with 2 treatments last week and am finishing up with the final 3 treatments this week. The biggest side effect I have experienced is being bone-weary tired.

I was just wondering if there is anyone else that has had this and what they have experienced.


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Hi, Lora.

I don't know if David's experience would help you since he didn't t have the cyber knife, but i think that radiation in any form would make you really fatigued. What does your doctor say about how tired you feel?

David said that even talking was too hard when he was doing radiation. He couldn't even turn the snooze off on his alarm clock--it took too much effort. But the good news is that it will get better and you should regain some strength after a little time goes by.

I think of you often and I'm continuing to pray for you!

Love and blessings,
PS Cathy is getting married on Saturday.

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I am from the colon board. DX with mCRC in 2009 that had spread to lungs and liver. Chemo wiped it out of liver and 3 seperate Cyberknife treatment times wiped out 3 recurrences in lungs. Now they found 2 small mets in back top brain and I am going in next week to have those zapped out with Cyberknife. They are treating this as a very minor "matter of factly" type thing and act like I am over reacting????? I feel very assured and confident about the whole procedure really. I will keep you informed but I think you have much hope to look forward to.
Take care


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I would have to agree with David. Talking is just so much work, partly because you have to think before speaking (at least for me.)
I was told this tiredness will last for a few weeks. Then hopefully I can get back to how I was before this treatment.

I have been praying for you, david and your family.

Wow and you have a wedding. I dont know how you do it all.
Our youngest is getting married in less than a month from now, but we have so much help that I have a feeling that the wedding will just take care of it self.

God bless,

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