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I am still waiting for pet scan results.

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I had the scan Wednesday evening at 6PM and the tech told me I would hear from my doctor on Thursday or Friday. Now it is Monday and I am getting nervous. I have been strong but am starting to crumble a little. I am too chicken to call myself.

Has anyone had a similar experience? I want to think that no news is good news but I imagine I would get a prompt call either way.


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Don be afraid..put your mind at ease . I pray your scan is clear and you continue the dance go NED.."..Val

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It just dawned on me that my gyn/onc surgeon never called me with my PET scan results. He ordered the scan as a precaution when I saw him for my six-month check-up in May. The only reason I didn't have to follow up with him is that my primary doc gave me the results (which were good) a couple of days after the scan was taken, when I saw my primary doc for abdominal pain from surgery adhesions.

I'm hoping it's a good sign that you haven't heard from your doctor yet. My experience has been that bad news is delivered right away. When the ultrasound results showed the large "mass" (tumor) on my ovary, my doctor called me the same day.

Hoping and praying that you get good results from your scan!


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Usually get results back the next day, I have to get my sister in law to call for me, too afraid to call myself, know if it's bad I also just crumble and don't remember a word they told me,. How did you make it in the pet scan, I know you were worried about it, I personally don't think it is so bad, rather have it than an MRI. Will pray that you hear tomorrow and it is all good news.


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I didn't have to use the meds I took with me (this is the second prescription for anxiety that I've had and not used). As long as I can see the other side I am okay and the tech told me he could leave the lights on. I am not usually a baby about things, in fact he had to put the iv into my wrist and was surprised I didn't flinch. I told him I can take pain. :o

The next day I felt like I had been hit by a truck. I am not sure why. My arms because they were over my head...but my body? These old bones can't take anything anymore.


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kimberly sue 63
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Have you called Karen? I would definitely give the office a call!!! No reason to wait and worry any longer than you have too! Kim

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Maybe the doctor just didn't get a chance to look at the report till later than expected. Then, the weekend came. So, I'd agree that it's time to call and find out. My doctor would be more than willing to give me that information, or even the physician assistant has given me reports, providing the doctor has looked at it first.

Sending lots of hugs and prayers to you today, Karen.


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You know that's just not right I don't care. He could have, I mean should have made the time to call or at the least had a nurse from the office do it. There is no other thing to a cancer patient as important as test results period........ I hope you get good news.

Prayers to you all

Dave & Tina VG

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