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surgery to remove blockage done

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Hi all!

At last, after a few times at the emergency and after months of vomiting and pain, mum´s got her blockage removed from her intestines... yay! How difficult could it be? But at last. And while they were "in there" they cleaned up as much as they could and she also got her pain kill pump installed as epidural leadning to zero pain. So now she can eat all again, not vomiting and no pain for the time that she has left and we are all happy for her! Lobster soup, champagne, chocolate pudding - unbelievable how happy ypu can get from it!

She was told that she wouldnt probably make it to christmas but she is now determined to prove them wrong. Good for her. Has anyone hooked up with a strict microbiotic diet and what were the results?

Keep hanging on!

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Tina Brown
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I am glad that your mum is pain free and comfortable. I know how good it is to eat something and NOT want to rush to the loo to be sick. She must be so relieved. Enjoy your time with her - Mums are precious xxxxxx Tina (I know I lost mine a few years ago to bowel cancer)

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Hi Sophie, I am so glad to read your news about your mum, it sounds as if she is doing much better now, hope she continues to eat eat eat and eat some more of all those lovely things she has been missing out on X

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