Question about stomach cancer from a chronic worrier

I am worried I might have stomach cancer.

I haven't had an appetite for a week now and have had a really sour stomach and brown spit in the morning. My bowels like to growl after a meal.

It all started after I had pain in my testicles and googled symptoms. That lead to colon cancer, which then lead me to stomach cancer. I went to the Dr. and he said my groin was fine and that I was too young for Colon Cancer. He said judging by my having Chron's Disease it was because I have IBS and that causes me to gurgle and have diarrhea constantly (I have had it for 4 years now).

I noticed my appetite was lost on Sunday after I started googling diseases and am now convinced I have stomach cancer. I have no pain (other than the gas and chron's ache_ and have not vomitted or noticed blood in my stool. No sore throats but my voice seems a bit off and I had phlem in my throat the last three days. Yellow saliva at night and my gums bleed a bit, once every three days or so for a few seconds (Same two teeth).

I saw another Dr. that stated if I had stomach cancer I would be very, very rare as I am only 24 and would be very very sick but I am scared as I have not had the desire to eat. I have eaten over the last few days but don't want to die young, you know?

I have always been a worrier and was just given Klonopin yesterday twice a day to cope with anxiety. I felt ill this morning but I took my medication on an empty stomach because I wasn't hungry.

Let me urge that none of these symptoms appeared until I googled an unrelated problem and then they crept up on me.

Anyone with some input or questions?