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Has anyone ever had a panendoscopy done?

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My doctor has ordered a panendoscopy for me probably in about two weeks. Has anyone had this? I wish I could stop being so scared. See my posts below. No matter how hard I try, I'm having a tough time getting a hold on things. I think that the unknown is troubling me as much as anything is.

Thanks Ladies, You're all wonderful!


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Is like endosocopy..they look at your trachea.small bowel. What is your Doctor looking for and why. Wishing you the. Best..val

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A needle biopsy of a place near my thyroid came back suspicious for apparently ovarian cancer. My dr. does not think it is ovarian since my CA-125 has been well within normal range for several months, plus both a pet and ct scans had abdominal area clean.

on the last pet in early May, I also had 3 small places (too small to biopsy) light up near my diaphram.

He ordered this pandescopy after I saw him, so I'm not really sure. I'm also going to have the lymph node in my neck surgically removed at the same time.


Hope you're doing well. This disease sure stinks!!


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Two weeks can be a long time to wait but I'm hoping and praying for the best possible outcome for you. I agree with you - this disease stinks!


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