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Lung/sarcoma - vomiting, etc and Diabetic

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I am new to this board and it is my first time seeking outside help. My hubby has been through radiation for paroditic sarcoma and is now beginning chemo for lung/sarcoma. He is diabetic and I am concerned about maintaining his sugar level. I am scared of not doing the right thing or of not doing what I should have. I feel that I am always fighting a battle on his behalf within the medical fields.

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Hi Conmar710,
I understand your anxiousness. Steroids can wreak havoc on insulin levels. Has you doctor discussed management of the diabetes through chemo with you? Steroids are usually part of every chemo protocol, usually administered the day before, during and 3 days after chemo- depending on the chemo agent. I do know that they will check his blood levels regularly through his treatment, you may want to monitor it more closely than he is used to- say 2-3 times a day.

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