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NED! Welcome back, Buddy.

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I finished with my six rounds of Gemzar/Carbo, my follow-up PET/CT scan is clear, and my CA-125 is 7. Yay! Much rejoicing and sighs of relief.

But. (There's always something, right?!). I will be on maintenance Gemzar/Carbo, which basically means it will be given every 5 weeks instead of every 3. The reasons, according to my gyn/onc, who I absolutely trust, are:
1. My cancer has, except for the original 15 cm tumor on my left ovary (removed during debulking surgery in 2011), only been in my lymph nodes. Not good.
2. This puts me at a very high risk for recurrence.
3. The length of time NED was with me before was only 7 months.
4. The current combo of drugs is working!

I sort of expected this, but was hoping for a chemo break. The Gemzar/Carbo combo is not that bad, except for my hair. It has woefully thinned, and now I'm wondering if it will have a chance to grow back at all in the near future. Has anyone been on Gemzar/Carbo maintenance?

Anyway, that's my update. I'll do anything to keep NED's evil twin ED from returning!

Fight. Win. Believe!

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for your news, Jo. NED is a great guy. I wish Ed (that's funny) would disappear forever out of all of our lives. But in the meantime enjoy yourself, you deserve it.


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Congratulations Jo!!

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I haven't done any maintenance chemo, so I can't help you there. However, I'm hoping and praying that NED stays by your side and that evil twin ED (good one!) stays out of your life forever!


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Ned is better than Prince Charming! I've been on gemzar/carbo and then gemzar/cisplatin for the past year and a half for a recurrance. I go on a four week cycle and it's keeping me stable. I will continue to fight evil ED!
(((HUGS))) Maria

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It is a great feeling to be free of cancer. Enjoy your summer...and don't forget to dance...Val

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