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psa rising

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I never thought I would back here worried but Iam . I had RP surgery (3 yrs ago)the PSA went up so the URO sent me over for IMRT.The PSA went up to .08 after the IMRT (radiation) the sessions were quite a experience. So now the PSA went up to 1.6 (doubles) The URO is hinting horman shots.You all know hormon shots have side effects.If anyone has experience hormon shots how did the side effects hit you ,I was reading up on the side effects concerning loss of bone density,muscle mass etc etc.Iam afraid it will effect my job(being tired weak ?) is there a way to combat side effects.Did any one have worse complications.Iam close to 66 yr old

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I am very sensitive to drugs. My side effects were so bad I quit after. My second shot. There are people on this site who had very mild side effects. They have drugs to help with bone loss. They have drugs for just about all the side effects. Unfortunately. You end up taking three or four drugs because of the shot. You should read the old posts here there is plenty of info. Vasco will tell you to get dr. Snuffy myers book. It is about diet and exercise.

Good luck. I amgoing to try the HT again.


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Sometimes we have to make choices we don't want any part of. We are forced to decide values. I will help you with what I can, so you can make your choices. After 1.5 yrs on HT and now going into chemo, here is what I know. I know that you totally lose all your arm strength, and soon enough you wonder if your wife is stronger. You realize the chest muscles you were always proud of? , they are shaped like your wife's, saggy and all. As she goes thru menopause, you compete for hots flashes, not that either one of you want them, but you share this laugh anyways.

But then you realize that even with this happening to you, you FEEL good. You aren't tired, you put on weight, belly fat, hmmm, so you begin to think it is worth it.

It doesn't stop there. This thing you always followed no matter where it lead you, is changing too. It shrinks. It shrinks up so small that you are able to look at it objectively. So, this was the brains of this outfit? Seriously? I have to mention the friends it always hung out with. You know, lefty and righty. Well, I can barely find them. One day when I will ask Doc, where does all the veins and such go?

But even with all this that has happened, is it worth it? Yep, it is. Have I continued to work, up until April, yes. Now I putter, but I putter slower than before. Then we add Casodex 3 X day, and you REALLY SWEAT. You sweat 16 hours a day.

As you probably guessed I am stage 4, 60 yrs old, and trying to figure this PCa out. Ain't got no education in medicine, and only understand the part that relates to me. But I can say that HT has been worth it. I amstill alive.

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You may want to wait and find firstly if the rise in PSA is due to RT failure. Sometimes it takes a while before the PSA settles. In any case HT can hold the bandit well during many years if the type of cancer is hormonal responsive.

My experience with HT is no different than the ones reporting in this forum (including Samsung and Sew). At beginning we all are curious on what to expect from the treatment, what symptoms and what is good about it. Some guys freak us out with their nasty experiences but in the many the effects are mild and one sees no reason for avoiding the treatment.

I started HT in November 2010 (61 yo) with a mono blockade of Eligard 6-month shot. To avoid flare I took firstly an antiandrogen (Cyproterone 50mg/daily) during three week. For my surprise there were no symptoms at all.
They started to be felt two months later but they were so mild that I think many were just there but unnoticed. Hot flashes and frequent urination during the night were the most inconvenient. Mood changes also occurred and sincerely I would expect them to be of concern in some guys because they can go in both ways. One does not realize but one may find himself confronting nasty behaviourism for no reason. The scale goes from becoming highly argumentative to submissive to depressive. We may cry just on thoughts.

At the six months period I start getting tired for any movement done. Fatigue and joints pain was the effect that most affected me. This not just interfered with my way of living active (lost of strengths in my hands) but with the impetuous for doing extras. “Forgetting things” was also an effect.
Muscle mass tend to change to fatty tissue and the balls shrunk, but not as much as some guys report it.
I read books on the subject and tried to be fit following regimens of physical exercises (balls included). Overall the effects were many but mild, however, I am retired and not dependent on any particular obligation so that the hot flashes, etc., never bordered me.

The good feeling come when seeing the effect of castration on the control of the cancer. My PSA declined in a constant curve from PSA=1.0 to a nadir of 0.02 on the 12th month mark. Testosterone levels (which I recommend you to test now before starting) were from 3.76 to <0.1
You can see my treatment progress in this link; http://csn.cancer.org/node/231133
Now I am enjoying a vacation OFF treatment. I am feeling more energetic and the pain in joints are gone but it might be another “trick” of my mind.

In any case, HT symptoms in some guys are nasty and the risks should not be disregarded. Several health effects can occur and one should be in constant vigilance. Testing the lipids, heart health (ECG, etc) diabetes, bone loss and symptoms for any pituitary apoplexy should be taken routinely. Guys in your and my situation where control on cancer is done with hormonal manipulations should be prepared to stop the treatment if any abnormality arises.
Hypogonadism is problematic and the way to combat it, it is with a change in life style, diet and fitness. Medication can help and estrogen patches would reverse the effects to a certain extent. Some guys go through TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) which is controversial.

The book “Beating Prostate Cancer: Hormonal Therapy & Diet” by Dr. Charles “Snuffy” Myers is a good reference for systemic cases. You can also listen to his series of past videos on the subject with loads of excellent information. Just scroll in this link;

Wishing you the best.


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