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recurrent food impaction with esophageal stents

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Does anyone know any articles or have any knowledge of what can be done when food gets impacted in an esophageal stent???

A few days ago we all had a huge scare, Jr began choking after only sipping on a pop. It took a while of him gagging before whatever it was went down and he felt better.

Again today it happened when only taking two small bites of his food. He fell to his knees throwing up but nothing helped. My mom called me in tears and we all went to prayer and after a while whatever it was went down.

After this happens he is totally drained of all his strength.

Yesterday they told the oncologist of the first episode and he told my brother there is nothing that can be done about that.

I thought they could at least go in and clean the stent out???

I'm not talking just some gagging but complete choking!!!

What can be done???

Any help??

I told my mom I would try to find if anything can be done.

Watching her son choke before her eyes and just pounding him on the back and crying out to God, she just broke down.

Do you just watch someone choke to death????

This is crazy!!!

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... but I hope you find some answers. My Dad doesn't have a stent, but it was offered to him. He declined. That is terrible. I have witnessed many episodes of choking and vomitting with my dad. All I could do was stand back and watch it happen. Then we went to the doc to see if there was any relief. She prescribed something for nausea. I know this isn't helpful... I'm still trying to work on my rambling here. Like I said, I hope you find some answers. I will also be praying for you and your family .

Stay strong.

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I have searched and still can't find anything about this. Please don't let this thread get lost! Help me!!
Jr. is right now having the same problem, he cannot get the food or whatever it is to go down. He is hardly eating anything now. He only went to take his meds and now he is struggling.
How can there not be any info about this?????????????

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We have no experience with a stent - but is it possible that your brother could be dilated? Perhaps there is a way they can do that. I would call for a second opinion from someone - it doesn't seem right that there is nothing that can be done. Some people have had a lot of problems with stents and others have done okay with them.

William Marshall is a store of information - perhaps you could send him a private message and see if he has any information in his files about this or can direct you to someone who has dealt with stents.

Praying for your brother and your family,

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Does the cancer center you go to have a list of attending on-call physician's that you could contact for after hour emergencies? The only other suggestion I have is to go to the ER since it is the weekend and highly unlikely you would be able to speak to the doctor/surgeon who inserted the stent, until Monday. Sorry I don't have any other suggestions or answers for you, Rose.

Thinking of you & your family right now, hoping he gets some relief and resolution.


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I called the ER yesterday and talked with the nurse there, she said as long as he can get down water they would not do anything until Monday. She said they would just send him home with a muscle relaxant, which he has already taken.
No one there to scope him until Monday.
She said it could be food or ingrowth of the tumor, wouldn't know until they scoped him.
As of last night he was the same.
So sad.
This is what I hate about cancer, you pretty much just have to stand by and watch the ones you love just suffer.
I continued to search the internet and came across one small article (sentence more like it)about food impaction, how they can clean it or take the esophageal stent out.
All we can ask for is relief from this.

Prayers and blessings for all of you here, going through this.

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