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Help- Question on Next Steps

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Respect this board and her members and have learned a lot.

Have a question- Dad 78 years old. RCC in September 2008. Stage 3/4. Went on trial with Sutent for a year in a Phase II trial.

RCC pops back up January 2011 in same spot- and removed. Some small spots in lung. RCC back in leg bone in May 2011 and rod is placed and father put on Nexavar. Not much success and in early 2012- put on Afinitor.

After about five months- RCC in liver and holding steady in lungs but in back area- in bones.

So no success really with Nexavar and it appears Afinitor. He is trying the Guided Imaging Program with Gerald White but not sure if that is working.

Docs mentioned in early 2012 that after Afinitor that may be it- the last one. But I keep reading about other drugs and trails. Not sure if those drugs are similiar to the ones my dad used and thus not effective or if my dad's age is to advanced for a phase/trial drug.

Any suggestions from the RCC winners is appreciated.


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I don't know the treatment protocols for your dad but I'll join Texas Wedge and Gary in referring you to the KIDNEY-ONC@LISTSERV.ACOR.ORG. They have people who know exactly what's available and who are knowledgeable enough to tell you if other treatments are available.

Good luck. Will keep you in my prayers.

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Thanks for the reply Alice. Not getting much responses may mean its time to pack bags and go home. I'll look into that website.

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