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Stomach Cancer - will he be able to survive this?

Rene du Toit
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Hi Everyone

Very new to this! After 6 months of struggling, 2 weeks ago, they diagnosed my dad with stomach cancer of 5cm long and 4 spots on his liver? Do not know what stage it is. Doctors still need to find out what tipe it is? Dont know what to expect? Sometimes i just want to shake the doctors to speak to me cause they are always busy!!! At this stage i realy do not know what is going on... Im lost... What do i need to prepare myself for? He lost a lot of weight already and is very weak sometimes. He didnt want to eat because it was so painfull. Now they only gave him morphene suryp for the pain. Starting to eat only now though. He is 65 years old.

bache sheb
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<p>my father also have a stomach cancer stage 4 can you pls.help me if you have any idea for natural remedy for that?coz' the doctor told us that there's no cure at all..but my faith didn't stop searching and believing for natural treatments..thanks a lot :)</p>

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My first post on here! I. was diagnosed on 3 April 2017. Went to Murdoch Cancer clinic at St John of God hospital in Perth WA. They gave me 3 months to live because of the Stage 4. We considered the situation and got onto a free trail. No Chemo no radio. The immunotherapy i am on is working wonders. First CT scan done 6 weeks into treatment and the "aggressive" cancer did not expand to the surprise of the oncologist. This trail is available to patients with cancer recently diagnosed and where the cancer spread. I was very weak but had to go on a fluid only diet. My pylori was narrow and i was unable to keep any solids in. Now i start to eat light solids and my weight is up by 6kg. My stamina is almost back to normal. I referred another person to the clinic and believe that he is on another trial and doing well. I get 2 infusions on a three weekly cycle. This week will be my last cycle. After this week i will be on a two weekly cycle with 1 injection only. To all of those who consider cancer treatment without chemo and radio i can strongly recommend this Free Trial. 

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