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Probably a dumb question, but......

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Ok, I have UPSC(1a,c). I was told I have a good chance to not reoccur and if it has been five years I am considered "cured". I was also told that if I do reoccur it will be considered "incurable" just treatable. Is this correct? Aren't there too many variables, such as where, how much,personal condition,ect? Best, debrajo

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It's my understanding that no matter what stage, UPSC can still metastasize and be nasty. Grade 3 cancers are aggressive. UPSC is also highly recurrent.

However the LONGER a person goes without a recurrence, the better the prognosis. The fact that you have gone several years without a recurrence bodes VERY good for you.

Cancer is a crap shoot - lots of variables as you mentioned. The mind (stress and thinking) plays a part too.

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