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Has anyone every heard of Abraxene?

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Hello, I haven't been on here too much lately. Dealing with lots of pain. Had pet/scan and found out that it wasn't good. I had my children go in with me this time so they could ask any questions they wanted. The scan showed more progression on the liver. They also seen somethin on my lungs and on my breast bone, but the doctor is not convinced that it is cancer. There was also something that showed up on my bone. Lower back around the spine. So.... I am not doing too well. They started me on Abraxene and I will be on the 3 week cycle. They did give me a shot for the bones. This all hit me pretty hard. Had a big meltdown last night with my daughter and we both just sat and hugged each other. My daughter-in-law had her meltdown too. And then her husband (my son) called and he did the same. I guess we all needed it. Doctor said I was beginning to scrap the bottom of the barrel on chemo choices.

Please pray for our family.

Thank you teal sisters.

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So sorry you are in so much pain honey. I have never heard of this drug but maybe it will be good and kick out the tumor. You are a fighter for sure. Bless you and your family....Val

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I am so sorry that you are in pain and that the news from the scan was not good. I am hoping that the new drug will kick cancer's butt! In the meantime, sending prayers and big hugs to you and your family.

Please take care,

Cindy Bear
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I hate to hear this news. I am sorry you are in pain and scan results were not stellar...
I have heard of Abraxane, I think it's the new and improved version of taxol...
Anyhow, sending great big hugs and prayers your way,


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Linda to read this. My heart breaks for you and your family. The emotional pain and physical pain together is tough stuff.

Abraxane is a taxan, the same as taxol and taxotere family. i think it is the new and improved version, as Val said, but not sure what is new and improved. Maybe less side effects for neuropathy? Hope it kicks but for you!

Warm hugs over the waters and hope you feel better soon,

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kimberly sue 63
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Hi Linda, sorry to hear of your news. Hang in there. Hopefully the new chemo will help reduce the disease. As far as pain....there is no reason to be in pain. If you don't have pain meds call you Dr. and get them. I find that we can handle things much better if we control the symptoms such as pain and nausea.
Also, I read your letter from your daughter on the board. You sound special and have very wonderful children. They will help you get through this. Your in my thoughts. Kim

garden gal
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In fact my dr has put this in my tool bag for the next chemo if needed. Hang in there. Like Kim said no need to be in pain, try and get something for it, it's the one thing we can control. Kathy

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