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Within the sorrow, there is always a light!

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I know there are several people - fighters, supporters, caregivers, friends, & family that have joined this site in the 12 months I have been "gone". I'm sure my post was depressing to some of you...so I want to give you some light.

I'm not sure I ever posted this so starting at ground zero...

About 2 months after Brendon was diagnosed with Esophageal Cancer, his uncle was also diagnosed. Jim lives in Houston and had the opportunity to receive treatment at the Mayo clinic. I do not know what stage Jim was diagnosed but do know that it was not stage iv. Jim received radiation and chemotherapy for several months and was unfortunately unable to travel to make it to Brendon's funeral. Long story short... Jim is showing no signs of cancer at this time and scans have all been clean!!! He is gaining some of his weight back and no longer is a smoker. We pray to God each day for the achievements Jim has made and is making every day!

This cancer seems to take control of each and every person differently so all we can do is be thankful for all the people who have fought and are currently winning!!! Maybe one day, with new discoveries, sciences, medicines, we can fight, win, and take home every single trophy that says Cancer...Been There, Done That.

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Dear Susie,

It was very sweet of you to write and send positive wishes for those of us who are just starting this journey. I appreciate it! While your news was disheartening, we do need to be honest with one another about how agressive and potentially deadly this cancer can be. Thank you, and once again my deepest condolences.


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I was interested in the fact that Jim was treated at the Mayo Clinic in Houston. I was not even aware there was one in Houston. As you may remember Rickie was treated at MD Anderson in Houston, and for future reference I am curious as to the difference in treatment, etc between the two. If you or anyone else posting here knows I would be grateful to hear.
Wife of Rickie dx Oct 2010 EC Stage IV
Mets to bones and brain
Deceased jan. 4, 2012

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Cheryl -
Long week.
He was treated at MD, not Mayo. Sorry!

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Susie, how kind and thoughtful of you to post this. It is so discouraging sometimes to read all the sad stories, so hearing a happy outcome is so wonderful for those of us going through this. We all need that light to help us through this. My Bill is being treated at MDA.
wife of Bill, diagnosed 11/8/2011, T3N2Mx, 2 months induction chemo (carbo/taxol/5FU) followed by 6 weeks chemo radiation. Not a surgery candidate.

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