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"I hurt myself today" ... Zeke

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(Johnny Cash reference)

Just as I was posting what I thought was a funny thing about me and my dog, I learned that a dear friend had passed away. In CSN (Cancer Survivor Network) we knew him as Ezekiah or, as I called him, Zeke.

It seems it was only a few days ago that he posted a pic of himself in the hospital, confident that he would be getting out and doing a bit of home care before moving on with his life.

I took him at his word, because he has always been an honest man, sometimes a brutally honest man, but always a kind man.

I remember that early on in our relationship, I called him an SOB, assuming it is of standard usage now and was certainly not meant to offend him. He did take umbrage with it, he DID take it as a severe slight against his mother, and I had to consider that sensitivity and literal understanding of words when we spoke in the future, which we did often once he forgave me :).

I remember that he loved his wife so much, long after she had passed away from cancer herself, that he would infrequently simply post something in her honor, a remembrance and a signature of his abiding love, which I respected greatly.

I remember that he had great pride in his children and adored his grandkids, and that he loved Michigan, and that he loved his former life as a big rig driver apparently of many varieties.

And I remember his love for me, and for others in CSN, and how his loyalty, once earned, was forever without doubt.

He could be a curmudgeon and I sometimes wondered how much of that was real and how much was staged, especially for the ladies, It didn't matter. The ones I knew who knew him loved him as I do.

This world has lost a gentle man and I am in tears.

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Christmas Girl
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You already know, Joe, I shed tears along with you - and so many others who knew & loved our dear mutual friend, Bill. Thank you for sharing your eloquently heartfelt tribute here.

Although he was a "country boy" & I'm a "city girl" - our shared & practical Midwestern sensibilities trumped lifestyle differences. Though I think he was mostly charmed by my Dad's former (now retired) profession also as a big rig driver. Our friendship grew quickly, easily & honestly.

Bill once shared his concern that he'd never be able to "pay back" the caring support he'd been given by the friends he made here. I tried to assure him that he did, was, and would continue to - in ways he probably didn't realize.

Yes, a gentle man. Fought cancer valiantly. Taken too young, too soon.

Bill holds a uniquely special place within my heart, which will remain his forever.

Sending (((hugs))) of comfort...

Love, Susan

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yes i was greatly saddened to find that another good friend from the chatroom had passed...had just found out about terry since i had been gone for awhile and now another one has left us.....i will always remember the fun and laughs we had and will always keep my fellow michigander in my heart

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