Dupuytren's contracture.....does anyone else have this?

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I am just curious to know if anyone else suffers from Dupuytren's contracture of the palms. I have a large lump on my left hand under the ring finger and now it is starting around the base of the thumb....general thickening of the fascia there.

I understand this disease can be heritary.....my brother suffers from it and has had serious surgical intervention twice.....he is a draughtsman and it was pulling his fingers towards his palms.

I also see it is made worse by alcohol and diabetes and liver disease....bingo....after 2 liver resections just curious to know if anyone else has seen this malady???

thanks, mags


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    my father has it and his
    my father has it and his fingers curl. His pinkies never straightened, and mine have always been bent, although I'm too young to show symptoms like Dad's. Didn't know about the effects of alcohol. Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan also suffered from Dupuytren's, so I've read.