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God intervened

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My wife, in 2006, shortly after going through hurricane Katrina down here in Biloxi, Ms, had
knee surgery. Apparently, they cut a nerve (the surgery itself was perfect) and did an echo
gram to try and find the cause and fix the problem of her "drop foot" condition because of the cut nerve. When they did the echogram, they found a dark area in her left kidney. They found out (with an MRI) that she had kidney cancer. They took the kidney completely out and now, at this time, she is cancer free!!
I just want you to know that we are so grateful that the knee surgery problem developed so that they would be led, by GOD, to do the tests which saved her life!! We feel certain that the cancer would have spread if they would not have done discovered the cancer.

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I had the same thing happen to me as your wife. I was having problems w/my right hip replacement. My ortho doc started to do testing, but it wasn't until the MRI that I found out that I had a 5.3cm tumor in my left kidney. I am now in week 4 of recovering from a laproscopic nephectromy. I truly believe that God intervened. My doctor couldn't believe that my hip replacement was causing me problems after only 7 years. I had x-rays, bone scan and then the MRI. The funny thing is that after my kidney surgery, I realized that my hip no longer hurt. I thank God and my doctors.


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My tumor was discovered during an ultra sound for acid reflx. My doctor thought I might have a hernia. That is when she saw that there was something on my right kidney. I am now 6 months post-op and doing fine. Just had my first set of scans and all was clear. I am so thankful to God everyday that my doctor suggesting that ultra sound. I know my cancer would have spread fast because I was told it was very aggressive. I may have lost my right kidney but I gained so much from this experience. Compassion, understanding and empathy can be very rewarding to one's soul.

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Jackie I couldn't agree more with your comment on loosing a kidney but gaining so much from the experience. In the last nine months since my nephrectomy, I have gained such a new appreciation for life. Not that I didn't love it before, but, now I realize what a true gift I have been given.

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I was having a lot of abdominal pains after eating. My doctor did an endoscopy and colonoscopy and said everything was good. I was still having pains and a friend's father recommended an abdominal ct scan to check areas that couldn't be seen with the previous two procedures.

My doctor ok'd the scan and that is how my tumor was found. If didn't ask for that scan I would still be having pains and taking Prilosec. They kept saying that I was having stomach issues.

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I was lifting heavy pieces for an outdoor walk and apparently broke a blood vessel which turned something red. My GP suggested it was nothing, but he sent me to the Urologist to double check. A CT scan disclosed my tumor for anyone reading the xray to see. Not much doubt at that time That was just before Memorial Day 2002. The surgery (hopefully the last of my treatment) was on August 1, 2002. My neighbor Faye across the street is 81 and her surgery was 17 years ago.


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Minnesota Girl
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Tomorrow night I will speak as the honorary survivor at our local Relay for Life. The whole theme of my talk is "I thank God every day that I was diagnosed with kidney cancer." Like your story, I had no symptoms and my cancer was found by accident. Thank goodness, because now it is out of me!!

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It's really good to hear from you, both to know you are well and to know that the quality of empathy that gets increased in all of us after diagnosis is fully intact and you're carrying on putting it to good use helping others.

Stay well and keep up the good work.

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I'll second that!!! Way to go MG!!!

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All of you have inspiration and that is encouraging to us. My husband went in the hospital twice when they were going to discharge him I asked for them to do a consult with a Hematologist/Oncologist. He was in there for anemia both times and they kept saying he was losing blood. Once we asked for the consult a cat scan was ordered of the abdomen an found his cancer on the left kidney. The contrast picked up a little bit of something on the lungs. A chest scan was then ordered and we found out it had spread to his lungs in 5 spots. I am just thankful for me being persistent. Now he does have Stage IV and is on Votrient to hopefully treat the lung spots but that is okay. He is here with me and I thank God for that everyday. As the song says I'm going to love you through it.

My thoughts and prayers go out to you all.


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So many people here mention how there cancer was discovered accidentally as was mine. It began with a routine blood test showing slightly elevated creatinine indicating possible kidney disease and was sent to a Nephologist who ordered an ultrasound in March. The ultrasound indicated some past kidney disease and that both kidneys were SMALLER than normal. The doc wasn't worried. I had also been losing weight and started thinking I should have it checked out but I was working 10 to 14 hours a day on a big project so I kept putting it off over and over. Finally one day, I started having extreme abdominal pain so I went to a gastroenterologist who did an endoscopy and CT scan and the scan showed an 8.6 cm tumor on my right kidney. I am scheduled to have a nephrectomy on 7/9. I still don't have a diagnosis for my pain of the left side and the gastro doc now doesn't want to touch me until after the surgery so I am going to have to live with that for a while. I have since been back to the nephrologist who says the radiologist that read the ultrasound should have caught the tumor but missed it. Had it not been for my left side abdominal pain, who knows when the tumor would have been found. A lot of people think of these things as coincidental, but I choose to believe God does intervene even if he has to use pain to nudge you to the doctor and get your doctor to take it seriously enough to run tests. There have been similar stories at my church of people going to the doctor for one thing and "accidentally" finding cancer somewhere else. Thank you God for getting me to the doctor even if it took some unwanted unrelated pain to get me there.

My thoughts and prayers are also with you all. I'm sure I'll be needing you as I go through this process.


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Hi Kathy,

I truly believe that God is responsible for finding my tumor. I had a laproscopic nephrectomy on my left kidney 5.5cm tumor 5 weeks ago today. I am feeling pretty good today and that makes me happy. I pray that all goes well for you and you'll be feeling wonderful in the not to distant future.

Good Luck


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A similar thing happened to me, I had a kidney stone, first one ever. My wife took me to the emergency room since at the time we did not know what it was. I thought it was appendicitis. They did a CT Scan and confirmed the kidney stone in the right kidney and oh by the way, there is a mass on your left kidney. I call that one and only kidney stone I had God's Gift.

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