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Callaloo you are one strong woman

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I read your post and I cried for all of us. The last time we spoke on the phone you told me you were
going on a family vacation. I am so happy that you went. I know how much that meant to you. You have been
Such a courageous woman throughout all of this. Lu I think of you so often and Sherry (bailey1459) and I have
Talked about you and worried how you were.

Hospice will care for you and your husband. They will guide you in a way that no one else can. I feel so blessed
To have spoken to you over the past couple of years. Take care of yourself and may God Bless You and your family

Love Barbara

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for caring... I welcomed and appreciated your phone calls. You're an angel Barb. Keep up all the good work.


Posts: 377
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You my dear are the angel. I love you Lu


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I was so glad to see your post this week. Have been worried about you and had concerns about how treatment was going. I am now with Hospice all treatment stopped. You may have read my post stating my tumor was bleeding and had developed an anuryism as well. The prospect of bleeding to death was not one I had previously processed, but I am getting my arms around the idea. I am now with Hospice and can't say enough good about them. My pain is well controlled and they have assisted me in getting caregivers round the clock. Because of the bleed out potiential, I can not be left alone.
Know that under the circumstances I am doing well and am in good spirits. I continue to think about you daily and worry when we don't hear. I don't get on the site often anymore as my energy level is non existent. Hoping you have many months to enjoy your family. Sam Stage IV, with hospice and slipping.

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