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Diagnosed with Stage 1b NSSC Lung Cancer. They removed upper left lobe and 20 lymph nodes. Nodes were negative for cancer, but 6 cm tumor was positive. Getting ready for round 4 of chemo, which I understand has a cumulative effect on possible side effects. One side effect, which I have and is very difficult to explain to others, is an ongoing feeling of malaise. My questions are: is this normal? and, will this constant feeling go away after chemo is done?

Finally, is there any medication I can take to lessen or eliminate the feeling of malaise?
Thank you in advance.

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Yes, those feelings are normal. The body that has served you so well for many years has just taken some kind of hit. After that major surgery every cell in your body is getting hit by really strong toxins and you are alive only because cancer cells die fractionally faster than normal cells. There is a strong link between our bodies and our minds. We are bombarded with reminders that we need to keep a positive attitude. The people reminding us about that are not having every cell in their body bombarded with poisons. We feel crappy and cancer is a crappy smack in the face.

Anyhow... Are you taking any kind of anti-depressant? If not, it is time to talk to your doctor about one. If you are taking them its time to talk to your doctor about changing the dosage or switching to another. I strongly recommend that you talk to your internal med doc rather than your oncologist about the meds.

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I finally asked my doctor about anti-anxiety drugs and I took them for about 1 1/2 years (this was after treatments were over) I won't say that I could have not lived without them; but they sure helped, because I am a single parent of a young adult, have bills, mortgage, full time job etc...and I needed to slow down and relax but at the same time be able to accomplish things without being overwhelmed. One day I realized I did not need them anymore. I still have anxiety attacks now and then but I have learned new skills to cope with them.
Good luck and keep writing!

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Medi and DennyC have been around awhile and have good wisdom here!
My biggest deal now is what they call "life after cancer", what do I do?
I do not wish to go back to the stress of my 6-figure automotive manager job, I am living on scraps (not that bad!), but I love it for now. Its been two yrs since dx and every 6-mo someting comes up due to the big "C", so I am floundering around a bit.
Spent a month in Key West in Feb. Doing things now I never did before.
I was able to be with my Dad as he passed due to Lymphoma, and I am able to be with my dear old Mom daily. Life is Good !!

I am looking at life from a new pair of glasses these days!

Best wishes


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