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Microwave ablation

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Robert had his 2nd opinion yesterday @ UAB. After waiting over 3 hours, we finally saw the doc. He has agreed that Roberts treaments and surgeries have been in line, so far.

He said that there are several targeted therapies that may be of benefit.

Microwave ablation is one of them. Anyone heard anything or have experience with this?? Info I have found is not very informative. The one thing that stood out, though, it is still considered "experimental" which doesn't bode well in the insurance aspect.

Thanks in advance!!


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See if this link is easier to read: Microwave Ablation

Best wishes,


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had this done on a spot on my liver that was not responding to my chemo.it is almost like rfa but done with a different machine.i was in the hospital for one day and went home the next.it was not bad at all....Godbless....johnnybegood

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While looking for more info on this procedure (I've had a few RFA's on my lungs that were successful and easy...) I kept finding articles that go back to 2001, 2003, 2005, 2009, etc. For something called "experimental", it's sure been in practice for a long time.
Of course it's their job to "just say no"...

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I had three microwave ablations two years ago. At that point it was considered experimental for lungs but my insurance covered it with no problems. I started with eight lung mets and zapped four. They were all outpatient and went smoothly. I had minor complications with one but not any big deal. I would definitely do it again. Good luck!


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Hi everyone.

I don't think you can call Microwave ablation "experimental" anymore. There is a company out of Salt Lake City called 'BSD Medical' that makes the the so called 'best in class' microwave ablation system, the "MicroThermX". It is being used to treat liver and lung cancers everyday, both in the US and Europe (mostly Italy).

You can get a lot of information from their website found here:


I know it is heavily used in and around SLC and their distribution has recently expanded to cover the east coast and Chicago.

BSD Medical is also the market leader in Hyperthermia treatments, which have shown great success when used in combination with radiation and chemo. They have sold a lot of systems to Cancer Centers of America.

Hope that helps. Check out the website for a full list of all the hospitals using these systems and for more information.

Best of luck to you all.

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