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Have a Doctor Appointment on Wednesday

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I don't know if I have ovarian cancer or not. I have an appointment on Wednesday. Backgroiund: Diagnosed with breast cancer over 10 years ago, no problems. My back has hurt for the last three years. I told my oncologist about it, she told me to lose weight and do stretching exercises. Back pain being one of the most common symptoms of all kinds of cancers, you would think she would have ordered a scan of some type, but she didn't. I finally went to the doctor and got an Xray of my lungs and spine, they came back clear. I called the oncologist and told her I thought I needed to have a CT or PET scan done because my back keeps hurting and something just didn't feel right. She argued that my blood work was OK and the Xrays I had taken didn't show anything, but I insisted so she ordered a CT scan. Scan comes back as clean everywhere but some kind of mass "in my right ovary." I say it's a good thing I insisted. From all I read, ovarian cancer really has no symptoms and it can be stage 4 before you ever know you have it. The good new is, apparently this is contained in my ovary, whatever it is. I'm guessing the doctor will do an ultrasound. Anybody every been diagnosed at this early stage and what was your treatment like. NOTE TO ALL: YOU KNOW YOUR BODY, IF IT DON'T FEEL RIGHT, IT'S PROBABLY NOT.

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I agree with you. We know our bodies better than anyone. I'm so glad you insisted for further investigation.

It is good news that this 'mass' is contained. They may want to do a trans-vaginal ultrasound. Not fun, but not that bad. It can give a clearer picture of the situation. Ultimately, only getting in there are taking it out will tell them for sure what it is. I highly recommend a gynecologic/oncologist. They are the best to deal with this possiblity. Maybe also ask for a CA125. It's a blood test for the OVCA protein. If you haven't had this test before, your first may not be indicative of anything yet, but it's good to have a baseline so that all future tests can be measured against it.

Sending prayers to you, hoping that it's only a 'cyst', which by the way, can also cause back pain. Is it lower back pain? Either way, please let us know what you find out.


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Isn't the trans-vaginal one the one that you can't pee for so many minutes or hours before hand. Yuck I hated that when I had it done years ago for other female problems. The doctor I am seeing is an oncology OBGYN. I do believe in the power of prayer so thanks you.

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