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Bowel obstruction

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Has anyone had surgery for a bowel obstruction? My mum has one and they aren't sure whether it is scar tissue or not? She is getting tightness in her chest I think it's because the gases and fluids can't escape. If anyone can shed some light that would be very helpful.


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I've been hospitalized twice in the last month for a partial obstruction of the small intestine, likely caused by adhesions (scarring) from my October 2010 cancer surgery. Both times, I went to the hospital because of the abdominal pain, which made it basically impossible for me to eat or drink anything, but I didn't have to have surgery. They had me "rest" my bowels by giving me all my fluids through an IV plus strong pain medicine, and then clear liquids only for about a day, and the obstructions appear to have worked themselves out. For a partial obstruction, I don't believe doctors want to do surgery unless they have to because the surgery will most likely cause more adhesions down the road. If the obstruction is complete, then that's a different story and most likely a medical emergency.

Does your mum have a partial obstruction? How does her doctor want to treat it?

Sending prayers to both of you.


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Tina Brown
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I had a partial obstruction in both bowel and small intestine due to constipation and everything backing up inside. My tummy was massive and very uncomfortable due to the gases and trapped wind.

I had to be admitted into hospital. I couldn't eat and drink & was on a saline drip. It was a long drawn out process but it all resolved itself without surgery - eventually.

I hope they can sort it out without surgery

Tina xxx

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