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Hi All,

I came across a post from one of our group members.
Many of you will remember Tracie1981, she was a young mom with Hodgkins.

Her 6 year old daughter is now fighting cancer. She was diagnosed on May 30 with a Brain tumor, Pilomyxoid Astrocytoma. She had had one surgery and is starting chemo. She will have another surgery soon. There is spread to her spine also.

Tracie, her daughter and her whole family really need our prayers and positive thoughts.


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I remember Tracie from the old gang when I first started posting over 2 years ago. She certainly has my prayers. John

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Prayers coming for Tracie and her daughter and family. A lot for one family to endure that's for sure.

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Max Former Hodg...
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Count me in ...


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I'm profoundly sorry you guys are having to deal with this.
Positive thoughts and hugs coming your way.


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michelle ex-NHL
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will include in my prayer.

Jesus heals! :)

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Prayers for this beleaguered family. May their spirits be strengthened for this additional journey. Amen.

miss maggie
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Dear Tracie,

Thank you Lisha for your post. I haven't seen Tracy's post yet, but will certainly look for it.

Tracie, I am so sorry about your daughter's DX. I will certainly pray and send you blessings each day. May I ask your daughter's name?

God Bless. Love Maggie

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Thanks Lisha,

I will also pray for Tracie, her daughter & family and keep them all in my thoughts. I also will pray for everyone on this site. I know it has helped me.


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Thank you Lisha for bringing this to our attention!

Tracie I will be praying for your daughter and for your family!


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My prayers and positive thoughts go out for Tracie and her precious daughter. Way to much for one family to have to deal with! :( Thanks for posting Lisha...I read her post on the brain cancer board...heart breaking! Love...Sue (FNHL-2-3A-6/10)

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