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5 year anniversary

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Well today is the five year anniversary of my first cancer surgery. Wish I could say I was cancer-free, but I'm still alive and well except for one pesky little tumor. Seriously, I have most of my organs, I work full-time and pull weeds on the weekends. To look at me you would not know I had cancer.

Since this is my third recurrance and chemo doesn't seem to give me more than 10 months cancer-free, I'm looking into TCM and/or naturpathic ways of controlling cancer. Chemo can knock out tumors but not the single-cell bits floating through my body, it's quite annoying really. I'm trying to get an appointment with an naturopathic doctor in my town. He's highly recommended and works with cancer patients. Can't wait to hear what he has to say.

I'm busy working on our home and planning my 50th birthday party for August, hence the work on the house! While I wish I could remain NED, I am so thankful that I am in good health, other than that pesky tumor. I hope that I can remain that way long enough to find a way to beat it, I'm sure we all do. Best wishes everyone, Traci

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"I have most of my organs, I work full-time and pull weeds on the weekends"
I have many guitars and I (sometimes) smoke weed on weekends.

I'm at this 8 years...I have 3-4 little spots in my lungs that are stubborn...

Life is what we make of it, glad you are making the most of yours!

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Phil - My husband has many guitars and wishes I would smoke weed or at least get some for him ;-) It's always great to hear from others who have been at this for awhile, shows we can make it. My spot is a lymph node near my rectum, same as last time just a different lymph node. Best of luck with your stubborn spots. Traci

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I have been having one of those days - tired and feeling sorry for myself. Your post is inspiring and just what i needed to snap myself ourt of this funk. I'm thinking some weed-ing on the weekend would be a great idea. Takes me back to my college years. I guess i was ahead of my time!

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Good to hear from you girl! Glad the weeds are growing and yes maybe you should pull a few to smoke????? LOL! Party animal Phil! :-).


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Thanks for saying I'm an inspiration. That's what I come to this website for--inspiration. Glad to hear I've been able to give back. Enjoy the weed-ing! LOL

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Congratulations!!! It is so great that you are doing so well after 5 years. Thank you so much for posting this--it gives lots of people hope that life can continue to go on. I wish you many, many more years.

Happy early 50th Birthday!!!!


P.S. I sent you a PM.

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One your 5 year anniversary and your upcoming 50th birthday. Can you come to my house and pull some weeds?

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Got too many of my own weeds. Maybe we need to get together and go from home to home pulling weeds!

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lol MULCH! life's answer to no more weeds. So many people are trying to get me to smoke weed right now. My daughter's friend is 25 with a rare cancer and she smokes it every weekend and invited me to her house to try it. Congratulation on your 5th anniversary! I said I'm going to celebrate 47 and not 50 since that will be my 5. I'm so glad to read how well you guys are doing. It feels good to hear it. Have a really happy birthday!!!! =)

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congrats on your 5 years. Let he weeds grow and celebrate!

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Thanks for sharing the fabulous news. It reminds us all of the importance of quality in our lives. We live this illness and whilst NED/ cure/ remission etc all have their magical allure for us, in the meantime we strive for quality in the present moment. Great to hear 'to look at me you wouldn't know I had cancer' as it represents how cancer doesn't have to occupy that much space in our lives and in our identities. We are primarily people, getting on with living our lives, pulling our weeds- we cannot let this illness define who we are.

Well done- though no thanks for the reminder that I need to get out and battle the stingin nettles that are taking over my garden!


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