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Mom with Small Cell Lung Cancer

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Sorry if I seem to ramble I haven't been able to just let it out and not have to stop my train of thought either because of my children fighting or people asking my questions as I talk about it. Thank you in advance :)

I am new to the group and can not find a support group in my area after looking and searching. My mom started getting really sick back in Oct 2011 when I took a vacation to visit with my kids. At the time of my visit she was not doing good at all...tired, irratable, SOB and noticable weight loss. When my family and I went back to my moms for thanksgiving she had lost even more weight to the point I was very curious as to my moms symptons even more now...When we went down in for christmas she could barely walk or do anything that required energy including cooking her christmas dinner which I did.

I remember when my husband and I were out shopping with her that she almost passed out in front of the store that we took her straight to her dr's office. When I was talking to the dr with my mom and about her sympton's and mentioned especially the 30lb weight loss in a month, her felling fatiqu, SOB...ect he ordered the chest xray and that is when they found the cancer. She started finally was diagnosed March 1st with Samll Cell Lung Cancer. She started her first treatment almost 1 wk later with cisplastin. She was scheduled for chemo 3x week every 28 days and 17 days of radiation 2x a day during the last treatment of chemo. She has now been hospitalized 3x...2 of which were with in 3 weeks of each other.

Since my mom lives in Florida and I live in Virginia it is very difficult to get down there when ever I really need to or want to. It is really hard to see all the studies about the survial rate...my sister's and I went into this with the mindset of her surving and beating this nasty thing and now I am not so sure and am having a really hard time to think it could be months or even a couple years from now and I wont be able to just call her. One of my sister's and I are really having a hard time trying to explain to our youngest sister that all she is doing is only going to bite her in the end when our mom is gone and she is not doing anything, but complain about how MOM is being difficult and she DOESN'T want to DEAL with her ANYMORE and she is moving out since she has a baby to take care of!!! Needless to say My one sister has 3 kids of her own and custody of her 2 nephews and neice currently and I have 3 kids of my own and live 10hrs away. Its so sad to think if our mom does not survive she may never forgive herself.

I just haven't stopped crying since this all happened and don't know what else to do or where else to get information on survial or just plan vent about it with others going through what we are going through.

Thank you

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So sorry you are being put through this. Try contacting the social worker at your local hospital. They may have a group for family members, I am sure you would be welcome.

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