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Reoccurance of melanoma, now in brain/intestine/both lungs

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Hi everyone,

I've been writing on the lung cancer board because my mom has been batteling lung cancer for almost two years. Well, now I find myself here because my Dad's melanoma that he had removed from the top of his head three years ago has returned, and it's in his brain (three leisons), in both lungs and his intestine.

Dad discovered the reoccurance when he was off balance a few days and then one day fell hard on his cement floor. He gashed his eye open and had a horrible black eye. They did CT, PET and MRI scans and discoved the bad news. They moved fast and in one week he had conducted his round of focused brain radiation on the three leisons and was put on steroids to help reduce brain swelling. Since radiation he has decreased steroids in hopes to come off completeley so that he can begin systemic medication. They will only allow that medication if off steroids. He has his followup CT scan on the 20th to see if the radiation has helped.

He is in good spirits but we are all scared.

Having both parents in stage four cancer is a nightmare.

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I am so sorry to hear about this. I am sending out love and positive thoughts to your family. My husband was just recently treated for stage 4 melanoma. It was a nightmare but miracles do happen! xo Kendra

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