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Tomorrow I will go to sleep late morning, and wake up without cancer.

Tomorrow will be the rebirth of my life.

For the last seven weeks, there has been no tomorrow, only today. Tomorrow was too far away.
Now, tomorrow is tomorrow.

Tomorrow (or after recovery), my life begins. My second phase. Maybe I will not worry about the little things as much. I do not know if I can be a better father, but I can be a better husband, and maybe a better person.


Tomorrow I have a radical nephrectomy, removing my kidney and my tumor. I think every one here can agree we hope the tumor is confined to the kidney.

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Luck tomorrow! It will be over before you know it and everything's gonna be A-ok!

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and you've already got the survivor's philosophy to a T which is a great achievement in itself. You be sure to tell us all how well it went as soon as you feel up to it and it sounds as if that will be very soon!

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I like your attitude! I hope the only issue following surgery is a bit of soreness. You have found a great group of people to share your journey with. Get well soon.

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In the immortal words of Dan Fogelberg, RUN FOR THE ROSES!

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Posts: 513
Joined: May 2012

Which is misadvertised

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Just part of the initiation into our club.


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I am right there with you!! I was living in the today as well, only 10 weeks ago! Scary, I know, but it's really not bad!

when the nurse wakes you up in the middle of the night to walk, get up, and you will just keep on moving forward!!!

I wish you luck and you have my prayers! Before you know it, you're only concern for the day will be to quench your thirst;)

Take care and keep us all posted!

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