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Taste in mouth

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I know this has probably been discussed many times on here but just getting to me now and could use some practical suggestions on on ways to help the chemical taste in my mouth. have been using gum and sugar free candy. Any suggestions are welcome. Have had four out of six of my treatments. Each treatment seems to bring out different problems but am doing OK. God bless and thanks from the state of Maine.

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A friend of mine suggested popsicles and it really helped. It also helped with dry mouth. Sending you hugs! Almost finished!


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2timothy1 7
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This taste problem seemed to get worse with each round of tx. Took longer to return to normal for me. Someone recommended swishing in baking soda and water. I didn't try it but it couldn't hurt. Anyway congrats on almost being done. It is a journey!
Best luck

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Yes, I remember it all too well. I bought a snow cone machine and made different flavored slushies, let them melt in my mouth slowly. Gum is good, and some sporting goods stores have a gum that promotes saliva, which helps the dry mouth. I used hard candy sometimes, but not too tart or sour.

Not only did I have a horrible taste, but I couldn't taste anything else. Took a while to get my tastebuds back, but it does get better.

Sending hugs and prayers, and congrats on coming to the end of treatments!


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I found that I lost my taste for most things (soda, chocolate, etc), but could appreciate the flavor of fruits...the only thing that didn't taste wierd. I initially got carried away and started eating excessive amounts of jelly bellys, but am now in the habit of eating the real, healthy stuff. :)

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