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still kicking stage 4 b endometrial cancer part 2

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just thought Id peek in and see how everyone is doing, praying for all
just got back from the doc and was told cancer free , this is 3 years now,
so wish I could go tell my first doc off, as he told me I would be dead in 1 to 2 years !
love the doc I have now, so positive, which is what everyone needs! if your doc is being a jerk fire him/her!!!! and get someone you can trust and is encouraging !!!

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I'm so glad to hear that you're still cancer free for three years now! That is a blessing and encouragement to all of us! That's good that you found a doctor that is positive and encouraging, too. I pray that you have many more years of being free of cancer!

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So happy to hear your news!

I am a firm believer that having faith and confidence in your healthcare team is crucial. If they don't give you that, kick them to the curb!

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So glad to hear from you! Happy to hear you are doing well! I fired my doctor too back in 2009. My new doc is fantastic.

CONGRATS on your recent appointment!


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Hi, Cathy! How wonderful it was to read your good news today. I check the boards almost every day. I have been wondering for the past few months how you are doing. Thank you so much for letting us know! My next check up is next month, and although I feel fine I am nervous already! Hugs from Sally

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Wishing you all the best and to remain Cancer Free for the rest of your life.
I go back to the Dr for 3 month check up on 25 June which will be a little over a year for me and praying for good news. Whatever you are doing keep it up. Positive Drs are a good thing and I was blessed to get one here in Dallas, She is very positive and encouraging. It does make a difference in a person care. Congratulations again. trish

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Sara Zipora
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Your note gives sooo much hope, joy and warmth. Thanks and keep up the great work.
Chaya Sarah

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I always wonder about the gals who haven't posted for a while. So glad to hear the good news. I agree having a positive doctor is a great help.

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I remember your story when you first posted and your ugly doc. So happy you are cancer free - what hope you bring to us - and have such a good medical team now.

My husband just finished reading Dr. Weils "Spontaneous Healing" and one of his points is just that - it's important to have a doctor that believes he/she can heal you!!!! Right on Cathy.

Keep dancing girlfriend. I also love all the animals that surround you. I'm sure they bring lots of love and light into your life.

Continuing blessings, Mary Ann

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I was also diagnosed as Stage IV endometrial cancer in July of 2009 with mets to the bowel, bladder, pericardium, lungs, abdomen...and was given a year to live. I was so lucky that I had an amazing pelvic oncology surgeon and a super oncologist. I have had clear PET scans every three months for the past three years and if I make it through the next scan in Sept. my oncologist says that I can get scans just once a year. My oncologist wasn't the most positive of doctors at the beginning since my prognosis was so bad, but I like to think that maybe I made her a believer.

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That's amazing news that you are three years NED after such a difficult start. Long may you dance with NED!
I am facing my third recurrence, in the pelvis and I am waiting for a second opinion from the Royal Marsden in London (I live in the UK). May I ask where you were treated, as I may even think about getting a third opinion in the USA. I know that MD Anderson and the Mayo clinic have good reputations and it would be good to hear your experiences of where you were treated surgically and what surgery you had.
Kindest wishes

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Hi Hellen, Know you don't me from Adam and I hope you can get all your treatment in the UK and get back into NED. Just in case you DO have to travel to the US and choose MD Anderson, I live about 90 minutes away from there and that is where I get all my treatments for UPSC. I will be glad to show you the ropes over there and if you can stand us, you are more than welcome to stay with us at our house. Anything you need we will be glad to help you with. Best, debrajo

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Bless you, Debrajo - that's the kindest offer. Thank you. There really is a "sisterhood" on these boards, which is so supportive.
I know that there are a number of ladies on this board who go to MD Anderson and it has an excellent reputation. As does the Mayo clinic (which I thought about because I know that they do some extended pelvic surgical techniques). Of course, coming over to the US would cost a huge abount of money, which I would have to find myself, so it may not be an option anyway! I'm hoping that even if the UK cancer centres can't help me that they will know which direction to point me in. After all, medicine of this type is a relatively small world and they all know each other from conferences, abstracts and papers. But I also have to accept that this may be inoperable, regardless of where I go in the world. We have great healthcare in England, so I'm not complaining about my treatment here - it's just that I want to be absolutely sure that I have investigated all options.
I'll keep you posted with the opinion from the Royal Marsden in London.
In the meantime - thank you for your offer of help - it has really touched my heart.
Kindest wishes

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You are very welcome Helen, and I ment every word! Money will not be need for room,board, and transportation or personal need. Heck, I have to go anyway so might as well take a 'sister'1 Do keep us posted with the London opinion. There are a great many doctors at M.D Anderson....my personal gyn/onc is Dr. Kathlene Schemeler. Best, debrajo

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hello Hellen sorry for the delay, did not notice this question have not gon on for a long time and have been so very busy , I got treated at Traverce city Munson hospital Dr Michelin operated , had hysterectomy, everything taken, he was also the one who chose the chemo, he was rude obnoxious, not wanting to waste time answering questions or dealing with problems I was having due to the cancer/chemo, always said "what did you get that question, the internet? or not my problem , ask your primary doctor" when my primary doctor would say , hmmm that is a question for your oncologist,
got a new doctor , FANTASTIC< and they have a wonderful % they said If I were their patient at the start they would have put me as 70 % chance of recurrance not 95% , the new doctor does woman's reproductive cancers, new doctor is Gordon O Downey, MD
Obstetrician & Gynecologist, Gynecologic Oncologist 33 years experience in grand rapids michigan,

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So happy that you're doing well, cathyK. Good on you, and your new doc. May you just keep getting better and better!

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I had Stage IV Endometrial Cancer in January 2004, had a complete hysterectomy & went thru radiation. Cancer returned in January 2005, and it was attached to my spleen and pancreas. Had my spleen removed, part of my pancreas, and spot on my stomach. Went thru 6 treatments of chemo & have been cancer free since then. I still go yearly for a check up, but everything has been good since then. Stay strong, be positive & find a doctor that’s encouraging, it makes all the difference.

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I am wondering about your surgery. My sister is newly dx'd stage 4 and they are starting off with chemo. Her oncologist referred her to a gynocological oncologist initially, to try and determine exactly what kind of cancer she had. The gyno onc told her 3-4 treatments of chemo and then complete hysterectomy, but the medical onc is just moving forward with chemo. I know they are trying to stop the spread, but everything thing I have read on line always points to surgery first and then chemo. It is very heartening to see that you have been so successful at beating your cancer!

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I had surgery right away , complete hysterectomy, if your sister is not thinking of having any more children this is the only way to go, not sure what the doctors are thinking, my tumor had grown past the uteris and was quite large, so no chemo could have done anything to it, unless they are trying to shrink it before operating, id get another opinion , prayin for ya both

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I'm so happy to be able to share in your good news! I am so happy for you and you are an inspiration I will not soon forget.

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So glad to hear you are doing well. I am going through Stage 4 b endomettrial cancer and feel so scared. I was just looking through this site to find signs of hope from survivors.

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So glad you found your way here. This site has helped me so much. Have you started treatment?

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I was devastated and scared after learning my sister's cancer metastasized 7 weeks after her surgery. I was searching online (stage 4b, grade 3) and hoping to find someone who is in similar condition and your original post "still kicking stage 4 b endometrial cancer" led me to here. I was so glad to find this site as it has been giving me so much hope and encouragement.

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I am new to the boards, newly diagnosed with stage 4 Serous Endo Cancer. I was devastated. Reading your words gives me hope.

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I was dx in Nov '13 w/ Stage IVb and can't find a lot of info/people in the same boat. I'm mostly in good spirits b/c I'm not having a lot of side effects from chemo and I feel better than I have in ages.


Would like to hear more about your experience.



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