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Post surgery update

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Hi Everyone!

Surgery went well. It felt like as soon as they put me out I was awake. It took 5 hours. They were able to do the sugery laparoscopically so the main incision was not as big. they did a full removal. The tumor was also pushing and attaching to another artery. I will know in a week or so the biopsy results. The pain sucks. The gas sucks. However, I have my own room in the intensive care unit and a lot of great nurses! if all goes well I should be out tomorrow. Going to take a nap now. Thanks for all of your support. See you in a few!

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Welcome to the club. That wasn't so bad, was it? It will be a little sorer when the pain meds wear off, than things will gradually get better.


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Congrats on your sugery success. Take it easy now and dont rush things. :-)

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Glad you came through the surgery well and hopefully you will get discharged soon. I'll be thinking about you and praying you'll get great results from your biopsy.

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Thanks for letting keeping us in the loop, I have one question What gas? I have heard other people mention it but not sure what they are talking about.

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To perform the laproscope they need to fill you with gas to make room to see better. This gas will then escape (sometimes through your shoulders) after the surgery. It can be a little painful but doesnt last long.

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Wishing you both no pain success. Keeping you in my prayers.

(And sunlover, how's the job hunting going? Been thinking of you.)

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Well ... it's been about 4 days since the surgery. I am now at home. I slept really well once I got home. I still have moments where I feel pretty good and moments where I either feel nauseous, dizzy, or just mentally not there.

While I was at the hospital I didn't sleep too well. And when I was able to sleep, the monitors would go off saying my heart rate was too low waking me up (high 40s). So of course, every time I go to sleep that freaks me out. I think I will be getting doctors appointment for that. Some of the nurses weren't too concerned and said that there are people who have low heart rates that do fine, but it still bothers me.

I'm able to walk easier and I am waiting for the day I can sleep on my left side again. I got a great mom who is taking awesome care of me.

Thanks for all of your help, prayers and wishes!

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Keep recovering Big Rich. It's sounding good. By the way, my pulse is usually high 40's to low 50's. It surprises caregivers until I tell them I've been running for 35 years.

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Glad you got the #1 caregiver your MOM helping you getting back to what you knew as being a normal life before surgery,it only takes time Rich so be patient

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