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Calling all prayer warriors Leukemia after chemo

azgrandma's picture
Posts: 603
Joined: Feb 2010

I am being sent to a blood specialist to rule out leukemia. still having problems with my blood read and white counts. if you ann can pray no leukemia it will be greatly appreciated

JoanC's picture
Posts: 236
Joined: Jan 2009

Prayers are coming your way....Please let us know how it goes.

Posts: 1995
Joined: May 2003

Will keep you in my thoughts and prayers for sure.


Posts: 45
Joined: Feb 2012

I pray for us all everyday, nobody should have this horrible disease once let alone over and over again, plus new cancers. Despise it all. Keeping us all in my prayers daily.


poopergirl14052's picture
Posts: 1185
Joined: Nov 2010

Please Lord please ...no more. Let her be cancer free..PLEASE,

lovesanimals's picture
Posts: 1364
Joined: Sep 2011

Sending you prayers and lots of hugs!


leesag's picture
Posts: 625
Joined: Jan 2010

I am praying as hard as I can.



Sara2011's picture
Posts: 77
Joined: Oct 2011

Praying now!

kikz's picture
Posts: 1347
Joined: Jun 2010

that you get good news.


Cindy Bear
Posts: 570
Joined: Jul 2009

and hoping and wishing really, really hard and sending big cyber hugs your way.

Posts: 47
Joined: Feb 2012

Just said a prayer for you.....let us know how things go.

azgrandma's picture
Posts: 603
Joined: Feb 2010

i got a smear done of my blood yesterday it came out good, but he is still testing the bone marrow etc. it will be 2 weeks before i know anything
thanks for praying

lovesanimals's picture
Posts: 1364
Joined: Sep 2011

So glad that you got good results from your blood work and am praying for good results from the bone marrow, etc. Two weeks can feel like a long time to wait, so I'm also hoping and praying that you're able to focus on other things during the next couple of weeks.


lulu1010's picture
Posts: 367
Joined: Feb 2011

That is such a long time to wait! I hope you can keep busy. I am glad the initial test was good. Praying that the bone marrow will be good also.

kimberly sue 63's picture
kimberly sue 63
Posts: 421
Joined: Apr 2012

You are strong and have been through similar disease before. You can do this!!! Kim

AnneBehymer's picture
Posts: 739
Joined: Jul 2011

you are in my prayers I know this is way past when you posted it but you are alwayes in my prayers.


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