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Did anyone have major acites and not have cancer?

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I have what the radiologist called massive acites and read that it is rare that massive amount of fluid is very rarely from endometriosis. I am so scared and worried now. I was hanging onto the hope that it could be endo, but all of my symptoms are poiting to cancer. So scared.

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The only other things I've heard of that lead to ascites is cirrhosis of the liver and malnutrition. I hope things go well for you. When is your surgery?

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The not knowing and at the same time, thinking the worse is a very scary place to be in. Sending you prayers and lots of hugs. Please let us know what happens.


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My surgery is June 25. Thanks.

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kimberly sue 63
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Hang in there, waiting is the worse. I know you have lots of thoughts going thru your head about what is causing these problems and the one thought that takes up the most room is the scariest. Try not to ob=ver think until surgery can provide some information. Hang in there. Kim

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Ascites can also be caused by liver problems and by hepatic vein difficulties amongst other thngs. It's not necessarily due to cancer and often there is no lasting damage at all. My thoughts are with you for a speedy recovery.

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