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Hello !
Was wondering what others use for this ? Now I shouldn't date myself, but what the heck. Back in the day...we were taught a form of meditation with nature. Believe it or not I got credit for this class in HS back in the 70's. Was really interesting...lost it for years. But than the big C-word caught up with me....I'm very lucky to live in a state where you throw a rock and find a lake within reach. So I have been looking to the water to still all my racing thoughts. I like to sit and just listen...the loons on the lake...the hawks in the sky...the occassional duck family swimming by. It gives me an inner peace I crave. Oh and by the hey, it was one of the very few classes I received an A in. LOL ! Thanks for reading my post, and would love to hear what you all use. Katie

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Katie, researchers at various institutions, including the well-reputed MD Anderson in Houston. have for some time been studying the effects of eastern kinds of treatment (including meditation, acupuncture, various herbs, etc), on cancer in conjunction with traditional western methods and are apparently finding some positive results from the combination.

It is my understanding that meditation is not a cure-all but certainly cannot hurt, sort of like my belief in hope and humor: it won't cure it, but it will damned sure make it easier to live with and even bring some smiles (or perhaps serenity in the case you speak of) to both survivor and those associated with same.

I'm for it. Just need to create an environment for myself, physically, mentally, environmentally, to make a go at it. Something to work on, I suppose.

Take care,


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I agree meditation alone is not a cure all (at least not for most of us) however it is possible for it to lay a foundation for healing to occur. That is, if the meditation is done with deep breathing, into stomach putting one in a parasympatheic state it can allow the body to relax and rest and hence aid in the healing process.

Katie, your description of sitting at the lake sounds so beautiful. I find being out in nature so relaxing and healing but I don't get a chance to do it enough, go out in nature that is.

I do a little meditation and also prayer beads. The beads help me a great deal particularly when I feeling over stimulated in public or nervous, it seems to ground me and I can deal with everything better.

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