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hello friends

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hello friends, im ana and i just had bilateral mastectomy last june7, 2012. im still in recovering process and i think its not easy. can anyone share with me their own experiences.thank you.

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Hi Ana! My name is Sue and I had a lumpectomy followed by rads. Nothing about this journey through bc is easy, but, it will get better. It really will!

Many pink sisters on here have had bilateral mastectomies and will help you with any questions and concerns..just ask.

Good luck and welcome,

Sue :)

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Bilateral recommendations:

take pain medication when necessary

Multiple pillows in various, sizes help with sleeping on your back. Sleeping
on a recliner also works for others.

Make sure your RN shows you 'how to milk' your drains. Drains will
stay in for 2 to 3 weeks. Longer, if your expelling drainage from bilateral.

Please have cups, saucers, plates at arm level - as well as re-arranging your fridge for more commonly used items at arm levels. Tide/Downy small container sizes - also at arm level. Reaching up and grabbing heavy items -- will tear your stitches, as well as hurt your arms. Muscles and tissue in breast, as well as arm areas will be cut,moved and sewn back together.

I tried to take a bath ..but hence could not pull myself out of the our spa tub, no muscles or strength in my arms after bilateral mastectomy. So, I opted to shower ...My husband removed our shower head, and replaced it with a flex hose type so I could shower maneuvering the flex hose from waist down, as well as place shower water under my arms.
No sponge bath this for this Sister in PINK!

Lastly, please make sure you do your exercises as prescribed by Plastic Surgeon, and Physical Therapist.

Just in case you've had tissue expanders place during your bilateral surgery:


TE insert at the time of my bilateral mastectomy. 3 weeks later, I had my first fill of 120cc per breast. There is a pinch when the needle enters each breast -- and later there is a tightness due to the increase of fluids. Try try try 60 cc first go around to to gage what you will be dealing with. Just a suggestion.

Ibuprofen taken 1 hours before fill helps, as well as frozen peas (lighter than an ice pack) placed on each breast to help with the inflammation due to fill.

Ask Plastic Surgeon staff what they recommend.

Strength, Courage and Hope.

Vicki Sam

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thank you VickiSam, that helps a lot. As of now i still have my drainage on both sides, and tom. will be my first shed. to fill my tissue expander. I just want to share that im so thankful to our Lord. I just want to share these experienced.

I was diagnosed with stage 0 DCIS on my left breast, had 2 lumpectomies,and later on decided to do mastectomy. On the morning of my surgery,i have a lot of thought coming on my mind, if i need to remove my right breast as well for prophylactic reason.Breast cancer runs in my family, what happened was, 2 mins. just before my surgery, i decided to do bilateral mastectomy, and because of my decision, the consent and a lot has to change. As of now, i dont regret being agressive with my decision, i dont have to worry about my rt. breast and no more tamoxcifen for me. Its different with every case, mine was caught in early stage. My experienced changed my life, thank you for your time and im so happy to be part of this group.

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thank you so much for the warm welcome, im so happy i found this site.

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Just wanted to say hi as I see you are quite new to the board. You will get through this.

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