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My port has been placed

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Yesterday was the scarest yet... I has my port put in and it was like reality finally hit... I have CANCER!! The procedure went well I am greatfull for my amazing doctor. I am sore today and extremely tired.... Three surgerys in 5 weeks has taken its toll on my body. The last two surgerys I have bounced right back and went back to work the next day. This time I am dragging. I made it half a day at work then came home and crashed. I think all the stress is getting to me and trying to hide this sickness from everyone has been mentally eating away at me :( on a good note I told two people today I had cancer.... It felt good :)

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I remember feeling the same way after my port was put in. It was something I could see and touch on a daily basis that constantly reminded me.."yep..I really do have cancer"! I've had my port for almost 2 years now, and I no longer give it a thought...seriously. Time...give yourself time to adjust...your thinking will change as time progresses and treatments are underway. Hang in there...it's always scariest in the first months after diagnosis...it WILL get better, I promise. Much love...Sue (FNHL-2-3a-6/10)

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Hey TA!

I agree 100% with Sue and believe me, you'll be glad you have your port.
It makes so many things simpler. Have you discussed your situation with
your supervisor and/or HR? You may not feel like going to work
during your treatments or maybe you can work from home some if that's possible.
(I'm not sure what type of work you do.) There will be times when you shouldn't
be around people who are sick, etc.

Plan for the hair loss and try to make it fun :). It's likely to happen and you
will look different so prepare for it and the impact won't be so bad for you.
Get your family or friends involved, be creative finding silly/fun head gear.
Wigs are available too of course but I think they might be uncomfortable for
some people. If you have long hair, you can donate it to Locks of Love.

I'd suggest something to keep your head warm - I had knit caps and got so used to wearing
them when I slept (to keep me warm), I had to "ween" myself from them when the hair
started coming back.

You can always come here and rave, rant, cry, share, and laugh (we do laugh) with us.
We're here for you.

Hugs, positive thoughts and "Laugh in the face of your enemy",


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I am sooo lucky to have such a great boss, i acutally work for the county i live in and they have been super supportive. My boss has told me to take ANY time i need and has also offered to give me sick time when i run out. So super greatful for that, the financial burden can be hard enough but when i know i will have a paycheck still coming helps alot :)

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Wonderful :).

I'm so glad you have this support too!



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Do as much as you can do without over doing it. I tried working through the chemo treatments, but my counts went to zero. Some people are able to work which is great. I don't get why you need to hide your sickness from people? You may be surprised of the amount of support you will be able to draw on. Keep up the positive attitude! Vinny

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Iknow it sounds silly to want to hide my sickness, I was truly convinced this was all a mistake and I didn't want to tell people until I knew for sure.... Now that I have realized that this is not going away I have gotten better about sharing :) I am a very private person and don't like to let people n my personal life as much as possible, I have also always been a strong person that has never "fallen" or asked for help, I always hold everyone up and to possibly ask people to hold me up and be strong for me is harder than I thought. Like I said it is getting easier and I am working through it slowy. This group has helped me already especially because I have realized I am not alone :)

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In a few days you should have less discomfort at the port site. When do you begin your
Chemo? Get as much rest as you can. I did much better with my treatment when I rested...and drank a lot of water so that I was totally hydrated for each treatment.
Good luck.

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I have my 1st chemo treatment on Wednesday. I am trying my best to get all the rest I can but the stress isn't helping. Is the 1st treatment the worst??

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Your first chemo will be the one in which you learn the most. The drugs will be started slowly, to watch for allergic or other reactions. You most likely will get benadryl or some other anti-allergy med, to prevent any such reactions. This may make you sleepy.

Depending on the meds, the first infusion usually has few side effects. It will not cause your hair to come out, etc. It could cause nausea, however. A drop in WBC is also possible. Rituxan causes some people to feel like they have the flu, with muscle pain, and that could begin rather quickly, if you have that reaction to it (it did this to me).

Are you taking En-Med ? It is a set of pills you start just before the infusion begins. If your doc did not perscribe en-med, you no doubt will be given some other anti-nausea drug. Your first session, almost always, takes longer than subsequent ones, due to the precautions against reactions.

Best of luck. Let us know how it goes !


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