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New Curly Hair

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On the lighter side of things....just wondering how many of you when your hair started growing back had curly hair. I have never had curly hair in my life! Even as a baby my mom tells me she couldn't even get my hair to curl around her finger. So I have always had short and straight hair. I didn't think it was coming in different...but as I have grown out maybe about an inch of hair on top of my head...it is tight curls! It's just so funny and weird to look in the mirror and say, is that my hair! I got it cleaned up and colored by my stylist and I must say...it's so easy to take care of. I might just keep it this way!

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and it came back with a curve, not a curl but the texture was also different. It just felt thicker and a little coarser. I liked it too but unfortunately it didn't last long. Once it grew and I had a few haircuts (I wear it short) it is back to normal.

Hope yours lasts longer. It was a fun outcome after a grueling experience.


garden gal
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and it grew back curly too. It lasted for a few haircuts also. But it did have more body to it. Everytime I looked in the mirror I had a good laugh. Kathy

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Mine hasn't come back curly but the texture has changed. It's soft like newborn baby hair. I was hoping for curls, I always wanted curly hair but no such luck.

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I had the new curly hair after chemo. It seemed so lighthearted and Shirley Temple-esque that I kept it for about a year, and then cut it all off . Now my hair is its usual wavy self, a nice grey color that I like, and shorter than I've ever worn it. My hairdresser explained to me that the first hair to come in is your "baby hair". and I think she's right.

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I got baby fine thin hair, after 8 months still having to wear wig, still no eyebrows and eyelashes really really short and sparse, so no curls or thick hair for me, but none the less i am thankful for what I do have, one of these days I am gonna throw that darn wig to China and pray I never have to see it again.


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My hair WAS thick naturally curly/frizzy....it came back STRAIGHT as a stick and very thin....but I always wanted straight hair and I can do so much more with it now.
As you can see in my picture ...my daughters hair is very curly...mine not so much.

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I also had straight hair before chemo and it came back curly. It is straightening a little bit but still curly just over a year after finishing treatment. It is super easy. I really like it!

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