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Had last chemo for this round

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Had a CAT scan last week which showed significant reduction in all of the enlarged lymph nodes. It did not address the blood clots in the lungs though. The doctor said it takes a special test to show the blood clots. It was just an accident that the caught the blood clot on the other CAT scan. My marker went from 81.2 to 60.9. So Ido not need another treatment. I was so happy to hear that.

I am going to go on some hormone therapy and see if it will increase the time before i need to go on chemo again. The doctor said tamoxifen would probably not be a good choice because it increases chance of clots, and since I already have clotting problems. He said since I was already on blood thinner, it might be okay. I have already tried Arimidex. The doctor thought it might work now because the cancer is under control and before the cancer was growing more rapidly. Or I might go on Femara. Mary Ann has had good success with this.

My doctor is here is discussing the options with my Florida doctor. I will find out tomorrow what hormone I will be taking. I am just hoping for 6 months before I have to go on chemo again, so I can go back on the same chemo. My doctor keeps talking about what an unusual person I am with my treatments....... No significant symptoms, labs look really good.

I still have had to take something for nausea almost every day. Most days the compazine works, bot some times I needed the Zofran or Ativan. I did not find the Sancuso patch very helpful, but I don't know how nauseated I would have had without the patch.

I still need to continue the daily blood thinner shots, since they feel the cancer causes the clotting problem and the cancer is not gone. I am still fearful of a stroke.

My follow- up will be monthly lab including the CA 125 since it has been a good marker for me. I am sure the marker will rise on my next test, because it has every other time. I am just so glad to have a chemo break. I appreciate all the thoughts and prayers from everyone. In peace and caring.

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Glad this round is over for you. Hoping all goes well and you haadle it well. The nausea is nasty. Not sure if it would help, but the dietician told me about ginger and since I am not a ginger fan, he suggested Canada Dry. I guess Canada Dry Ginger Ale is the only made with real Ginger. That I could do and although wasn't a cure did help a little. Hopefully, after a few the chemo will start working it's way out and the nausea will subside.

Oh this road we travel....

I am done with chemo for now, have an MRI of the brain on Monday to make sure I have no new tumor growth and will go for simulation and spot treatments on the 2 spots for a 5 day cycle (unless it shows something new might have to change....fingers crossed),

Once that is done I go back to gyn/onc to discuss next chemo rounds.

Take Care Ro!


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Great news that you're responding to the chemo! You're also fortunate that the CA125 test is reliable for you......that wasn't the case for me, as my marker has never risen above 7. I would imagine that helps with monitoring you without having to have as many CT scans....which my doctor doesn't like to do unless symptoms appear.

Good luck with figuring out which hormone to go on. I haven't had any experience with that but I've read where several women have kept cancer at bay by using hormone therapy. Seems like a good solution.

Good luck also with getting the nausea and blood clots under control. I took Zofran and Phenergan (alternated) during chemo and it worked for me. You might ask about Phenergan if you haven't tried that one yet.

Sending prayers for a good long break for you from chemo. Enjoy this time!

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I'm so glad you can stop chemo for a while at least. You are a remarkable woman. I hope your doctor realizes what a jewel he is treating.
My best,

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Wishing you nothing but the best of this next journey of treatment. Glad your getting a break from the chemo for awhile. I am still on 3 month check ups but because of my exercising and my sister says picking up my grandson I now have a hernia that I will talk to the dr about when I go on 25 May. Hopefully just a CT scan to deterine how bad it is and minor day surgery to fix it, but we will see. Enjoy your summer if you go back to Florida. trish

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I am so pleased that you have seen your numbers dropping this far, Ro. You always said your goal was to get them back down so you can have a chemo break - and you did it. I hope the hormones keep things under control - now it's time to get out there and enjoy the break you so richly deserve.
Fondest wishes - you are an inspiration.
Helen xx

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Double Whammy
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I know how much you dreaded going on chemo again, Ro. But you did it and it did what it was supposed to do. The clots must be frightening, so keep that blood thin - just don't hurt yourself. Hope you don't have side effects from Femara or whatever you take. I've been on Arimidex (for ER+ breast cancer) for about 18 months now and I don't have any of side effects so many women have on the aromotase inhibitors. I think my achey joints are just age related . . .. all my friends have them!

Congratulations on successfully completing a challenging treatment. Recover and regain your strength and stamina (and no more nausea).


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You're amazing, Ro! You've undergone such tough chemos and just keep on going. A chemo break just in time for summer -- you so deserve it. I do hope anti-hormone treatment can hold you stable. Although tamoxifen did not fully work for me, my enlarged lymph nodes reduced in size during my 3 months on it.
Enjoy your time off!

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Hi Ro:

I wish you the best for at least a 6 month break. You have been a real trooper through it all. My wife had blood clots (also from the cancer) and her doctor put her on pradaxa as soon as it became available (about a year ago now). It is a capsule taken twice a day and has worked well. It got us off the shots-a small but psychologically important victory. Much continued success.

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You sound just like me in your journey through all this stuff. I had blood clots that were accidentally found on a ct scan and had to do the shots, now I am on Warfarin forever. I was put on Tamoxifen last June and I did great till now. I just had my biopsy of the vaginal cuff tissue come back showing cancer. I still have lung nodules that have been stable and I have not had a ct scan in 6 months and had no symptoms. Each time I went for a internal they saw a lesion and there was a lump at on time. This was way back in November of 2010. The doctor didn't seem worried at the time and I was put on Carbo and when I went through that the lump went away and I was then put on Taxol weekly because the nodes were active again. I had no problems with the vaginal cuff all that time. Now, about two weeks I saw spotting of blood and we did a biopsy and here I am now. So, my sisters has anyone else had problems with the vaginal cuff and what was done. I will go discuss options with the doc on July 2nd, I had my radical on that day 5 years ago weird isn't it. Well I wish you all a better day tomorrow, hoping no more bumps in anyone's road.
Hugs to you all,

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