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Hello everybody,
I went to see my Onc today and he was very happy that I'm responding to treatment. My spleen is slightly enlarged but decreased in size from previous test. A few lymph nodes showed improvement and others stayed the same. The pain that I'm getting on my back is due to a 2mm disc bulge with annular tear, also my L5-S1 shows mild dessication. Have to go to another specialist for that. Will start another round of Rituxan in July the 19th and another BMB in Oct. (can't wait lol)! Well all in all everything seems better and hopefully be better after my second round (ding, ding, ding)! Take care all (((Hugs all around)))


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First of all I am having a hard time getting on CSN lately or I would have responded an hour ago. It is very frustrating. Anywhoo glad to hear things are going to the better side.The back problems just add to the pain. Right where your disc are starting to wear is the usual spot for the wear and in time causes people pain.At least most of the nodes are shrinking. Sounds like you are responding well. I know its rough waiting for the results and even after you leave you think of 10,000 other things you should have asked. Sounds like your Onc. is on the ball. BMB...YUK!!!!!John

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Wonderful news about your response to treatment!!
Also you finally found out what's causing the back pain - I'm so glad.

I agree with John, BMB - Yuck!

Hugs and all the best,


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I figured out why its so hard to get on CSN.IT'S ALL FORMER PRESIDENTS BUSHS FAULT. He's blamed for everything else so why not?

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Just came by for a bit and saw you post. I have bad back issues as well so can relate but glad you got some answers. Hopefully all will proceed without any problems for you, you have been through enough.

All the best.


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Hi Liz,
Glad to hear you are responding to treatment. I remember how happy I was to hear that my tumors had shrunk 40% after just 3 rounds of chemo...good feeling indeed! I sure hope the specialist will figure out a solution for your back...hopefully it won't require surgery! Let us know what you find out sweetie. Take care, and thanks for the up-date.
Much love....Sue (FNHL-2-3a-6/10)

miss maggie
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Dear Liz,

YOu sound so much better and full of confidence. I am so glad you made the change to
a new oncologist and treatment center.

It is such good news the treatment and your response is positive. We all have to remember,
sometimes it's hard, our dx is treatable.

I am not familiar with back pain, forgive me. How did this happen to you??? Are you too
active in your household chores and lift lots of things? The only thing I know about
back problems, one must be careful about having back surgery.

Hugs and love to you. Maggie

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Hello my family!
Thank you all for your kind words! My enthusiasm is high and I feel very hopeful! I really feel like everything is going to be ok.
John & Jim- I know double yuk!
Bluerose, Sue, & Miss Maggie - About the back issue I started working when I was really young in very active jobs! From what I read in google, it sort of sometimes happens with tear and wear and getting older! Hopefully the docs will do something about the pain without having to go into surgery! That is the last thing I would do (I'm a chicken when it comes to surgeries)!
Take care everybody and (((Hugs to all)))!!!


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Glad you got good news!
By any chance did you mention the rash that you suspected may be shingles?
Best of luck with your back. I work for 13 Orthopaedic Surgeons and I can see how pain wrecks havoc for our patients.

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