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AUS 800 Problem

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Hello Friends,

Had AUS installed in 2007
It was a real game changer, went from 6-8 pads a day to barely 1.
Unfortunately, leaking has been slowly increasing over the last 10-12 months and now up to 2 full pads a day.
Initial thought was that there was a leak, so Doc ordered an ultrasound. Reservoir looks full, so no leak.
Latest theory is that the urethra has started to atrophy where the cuffs are (got 2 of 'em).
So they want to replace the cuffs with a smaller size. But, as long as they’re in there, they’ll just rip out the whole thing and start over. - - replace it all.

Anyone had any similar experience?


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Harvs mine was worse after abuot a year started leaking suddenly , I had developed a small leak in one of the cuffs. But didn't know that till after surgery. All that said the plan had been to replace the entire thing all along and the did just that. No problems much easier surgery, Doc was going to turn on much sooner but I still had swelling and had to strain a bit to pass liquid so we just waited the 6 weeks to turn on. I now get a little more spotting from coughing etc but pretty much back to normal. They also talked smaller cuffs but since it was only 1 year and the leak was there they used the same size cuffs.

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I am sorry to read about your continuous incontinence problem. Hopefully you get the AUS repaired/replaced and return to normal living. Here you have a list of links with regards to AUS/AMS 800 and incontinence issues posted in this forum.


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