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The Omentum and weight gain- (New thread)

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I saw that new posts were added to this thread from 2010, so decided to start a new one. My omentum was also removed during my debulking surgery in March 2010. I started on maintenance chemo in May of 2011, which has been ongoing. When my CA125 climbed to 540, even with chemo, the Dr. ordered a CT Scan. The results were that the cancer had spread to a few lymphnodes in my pelvic and abdominal regions, nothing life threatening at this time, BUT also that it had spread to my omentum! I asked the Dr. about this - as I thought it had been removed. He said that it grows back somewhat, as you cannot remove all of it. I did not lose or gain weight during my initial chemo. But prior to beginning the maintenance chemo, the Dr. put me on a hormone that made me gain 40lbs! It has been over a year, but I am down 30 of those 40 lbs. I wonder if my gaining weight is what made my omentum grow back? Anyway, I hadn't read any one talking about it coming back. Mine has, and the cancer along with it.

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I can't answer all of your questions. I've heard both opinions; that the omentum grows back and that it does not. What I do know is that there are two omentums, a major and a minor. Typically, only the major omentum is removed during debulking. The minor one is located above the liver and spleen and is tough to get to.

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