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lung lesion

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Hi all, About a month ago or maybe a little longer, I had a chest MRI done due to some ongoing post port pain. Long story short, the radiologist read the wrong side ( the BC side)! In doing so, they found a lung lesion on my left lung (again, same side where cancer was). My oncologist is not concerned stating that it doesn't have the characteristics of cancer, although she couldn't rule that out. In a nutshell she said it was one of three things, Tuberculosis (tested neg), Valley Fever or Cancer. I had one Valley Fever test (neg), but they said they tend to have false reads so want to do it again. Also, if that comes back negative again, they'll do another MRI to compare the lesion for growth or changes.
I haven't been concerned about it, but have read here some cases of lung mets. I just finished chemo in January and rads five weeks ago, so not likely to be mets. Anybody have a similar situation? Would love to hear from you. Thanks so much for sharing.

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Bumping up so the sisters can comment...it was way down on the page..

Keep us posted, we care
Hugs, Nancy

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I really don't know but wanted to let you know that you are in my prayers.

Sue :)

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There are a lot of irregularities found in scans. There are other things it can be other than the 3 listed by your oncologist. Inflammation is one, that I can remember from my own PET/CT scan when I saw my oncologist. Mine were cancerous and widespread.

Hoping your next scan will show no changes or better yet, down to normal size.



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My onco told me that I have a nodule on (in?) my lung and some issue with the outer lining (?) of my lungs. I mentioned that when I was very young I'd been hospitalized with respiratory problems for a time. He said the outer lining issue could well be scar tissue. He didn't seem to be too concerned and opted for the wait & watch 'treatment' plan; but that's in my particular case. I'd hazard a guess that your situation may well be very different. =)


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Are you having some tests soon to make for sure that it isn't cancer? I will be praying for you.


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Alexis F
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Sending prayers!

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Many times things that show on a scan turn out to be nothing. If they aren't growing, they aren't causing problems, and they don't fit the definition of cancer. The usual thing to do about spots is take a scan, wait 3 months or so, do another scan and then compare the two scans. The pattern shown also helps the doctor determine if you are dealing with a likely met or a new primary. Mets look like a shotgun pattern. Primaries are more in one place (usually). The treatment for stage 4 breast cancer is chemo. The treatment for stage 1 lung cancer is surgery. You can live with just one lung just fine. Sometimes a biopsy is needed to tell. But even when a biopsy is scheduled it is important not to panic. Sometimes it is old scar tissue from an infection or an infection in process. So hang in there! My situation was similar to yours in that a lung spot showed up on the same side as my BC. My BC from 2002 was stage 1 and not the sort that usually makes mets, so the drs. decided to biopsy before trying chemo. After the biopsy they were sure it was stage 4 BC and backed out, stiched me up, and sent me home. A week later further genetic testing determined it was stage 1 LC. That was back in 2006. No chemo, no rads, just lots of surgery and scans on the usual schedule. This year my lung surgeon told me to go home, he didn't need to see me any more. I will have to have a CAT scan yearly for life, but that works for me. Good luck!


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It's "in keepig with an old infection" was the initial report.I saw my MO last week. She called the radiologist right there from the exam room and asked his opinion. He said it DID show up on my presurgery xrays for lumpectomy. It hasn't changed and he agrees it was some type of old infection. Yay! And on I go movin' further and further away from this nightmare. :)Thanks so much for the input and prayers.

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Great news! So happy for you Madsters!

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I never thought I would be hooraying for an old infection, but, I am! What a relief for you. I am smiling right now that this was the outcome!

Hugs, Leeza

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