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Always good to hear...good scan news

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We're back from Vegas. One of the best trips ever! Tom was fine, we just walk slower..vbg. I figured out early and from previous experience, I never win in the afternoon..so I went shopping. At least when I handed over my debit card, I got something in return. Also went swimming and people watched, always entertaining.

For the first time ever in all our visits, we each brought home more $$$ than we took. I love it! It's a rare occurance, like a total solar eclipse. I found a lovely machine that did well in the am and the evening.

Tom had his scan Tuesday. Cancerwise, nothing new, everything is the same. No spreading, no new sites. We were estatic. He is still battling lung fluid and a little around the heart which will be addressed Friday. But it looks like no chemo...hopefully. You can only do so much before your body just poops out. He has been 3 months without it.

So we did get good news. Thanks for your thoughts. I don't always post but I check the board regularly.

Soon it will be three years for him with no surgery. There's hope.

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Very good news for you and I pray it will remain so.
God bless you and your family.
Prayers and hugs,

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So happy to hear the good news. It's always nice to get a chemo break.

Also glad you had such a nice Vegas trip. Maybe you need to share your secrets, if you have any, about which machines to hit. We went to the casinos in Vicksburg and Tunica this summer and lost our butts! lol Guess we should be hitting Las Vegas instead!

Thanks so much for sharing. As always, you'll be in my thoughts and prayers.


DX October 2009: T3N1M0
November and December 2009: chemo (Cisplatin and 5 FU) and radiation
February 2010: Ivor Lewis surgery

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You usually don't win...only take with your what you can afford to leave which we have umpteen times. I got lucky and found a good machine...and stuck with it...doesn't always work but it did this time. Also did good shopping..especially for perfume. I love a good perfume always...

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So glad you had a great trip and good news as well. May your good fortune continue. BMGky

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Glad to hear you had a great trip and even better news from the scan. Let me know next time you go to Vegas, I want to come along with someone who leaves with more then they took to that town! As a comedian at one of the shows there said one night "any winners in the audience?" the answer was loud BOOS. "well, look around you this town wasn't built on winners."
Continued good luck and best wishes.


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